Thu, 2 Feb 2017 21:52:07 EST
Julie Peters, the owner and director of Ocean and Crow Yoga, said she put up the sign outlining its position on Tuesday.

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They completely misunderstand what actually happened and have missed the entire point, haven't they? The wimpification of liberals is exactly why he is president. They worry about their inner peace while a fascist is running what little is left of the free world.

Gosh I hope I haven't offended a yogi today...

I expect T-rump and his T-rumpees will win most name-calling contests. It's a part of their primal nature. Or maybe beaten into them as kids.

Liberalism is not about not offending anyone. Its about defending your right to offend any damm person you want. The reaction against political correctness is Trump. He was not even well liked by conservatives.

Obama could not even bring himself to say Islamic terrorist and people know that is bullshit and they are sick of it. The generation that was not even allowed to fail HAS failed miserably.

Hear, hear.

I find myself in the position of actually knowing absolutely nothing about Trump. You called him fascist. That may be the case, but I don't know. I don't think you really do either. The center/left has certainly painted him this way, while the quite-far-right has painted him as a saint. For all I know he could be a godsend (pun intended) which completely disregards the rules of polite conversation and politics-as-usual, but has a keen understanding of common sense. 

If the media picked up the words my father uses - he is the same age as Trump - they would immediately paint him as racist, sexist, hostile to everything and -one and what not. Yet he really is none of those things. I really do hope that Trump is similar and has a (classically) liberal foundation - which being from NYC and on his third wife kinda supports - because that could actually make America greater. 

Time will tell.

"Liberalism is not about not offending anyone. Its about defending your right to offend any damm person you want."

What I'm saying is that the righteous/conservative have been upping their tribal, demonize-the-other-side game for decades, now. And now they get all buthurt and hostile and pro-authoritarian because a few media orgs (like MSNBC) call THEM names? Blamiing these divisions on liberals is like blaming terrorism on people trying to be tolerant and peaceful.

NO, it's still the hostile, reactionary, fuck everyone else I don't give a damn tribal feel-good mentality that's breaking us down into dysfunctional, ranting, righteous-you're-wrongus amongus.

Do not, I repeat, do not make fun of my favorite ice cream, or I will feel forced to elect a plain-talking, right-wing religious enabling authoritarian asshole. It's all *your* fault for trying to play nice.

See? Now I'm all confused.

Davis, notice I made sure not to use the T word here, so we can keep talking.

I need to add, we in USA do need to learn more from you guys over there... especially over the next, likely-dark few years. Thank you.

When I read the stuff he says and does, it enrages me. But he was elected by Americans and and I'm not going to get enraged every day over what a politician says in a country across the ocean (when it spills over into Europe...which will happen many me...I'll hear about it). In the mean time we have our own crises in the EU and individual member countries.

I'm very sorry your president is a grade A scum-bucket and I feel really really bad for the countless people who will suffer greatly because of him. I hope it doesn't become a story with catastrophic consequences.

I have a scump filter on my browsers. The only reason I could even see this thread is because you've typed "scump" instead of with the tr. I have to tell you life is a whole lot less awful looking when you don't have to read the nasty diarrhea that come out of the mouth of that maggot every day.

Scump is such a weaksauce nickname.

The only one which has made me smile thus far is Twitler.

I'm Norwegian, so please tell me how I go about doing that and exactly how much I can expect in compensation? :D

I think Arcus is just a Russian funded troll set out to undermine American-libtards and to slowly turn American-atheists against one another.

I don't need funding.

No...but you do need state-of-the-art cyber-security-bypassing equipment...and only the Russians can get you that...stolen from Israeli tec-labs. I know your game young man!


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