Hey peoples,

I've noticed a lot of bright heads around here and I figured it might be a good place to get unfiltered opinions.
I just saw this discussion thread titled "Worship vs respect" and it immediately conjured up images of those kats.
LR Hubbard himself has stated that Scientology is not a religion but a "religious philosophy"; however in its shameless fight for tax exemption, they are officially a religion now.
I mean, I've seen some shady dealings with the church, but fuuuuuck! these kats are UNREPENTANT about growth and power. It's everything we criticize about religion +10, MINUS the cloak or disguise.

What are your thoughts on this, folk?
A religion?...and to my original point: what is L Ron Hubbard, apart from a founder?...can you guys make a distinction between worship or respect in regards to this bastard?

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