Anyone want to take a crack at this?

Sorry for just the link, short on time today.

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It is consciousness that creates the material universe, not the other way around.

That is just silly.

According to Dr. Stuart Hameroff, a near-death experience happens when the quantum information that inhabits the nervous system leaves the body and dissipates into the universe

Once I see the terms like “quantum information”, “quantum consciousness” or “quantum gravity effects” together I get an image of Deepak Chopra. There are no such things. They are terms only used in the world of “woo-woo”.

I think the whole article is misguided (me being polite). I would like to hear someone defend it though.

Once I see the terms like “quantum information”, “quantum consciousness” or “quantum gravity effects” together I get an image of Deepak Chopra.

That's exactly what my impression was. I saw the article on a few other sites and the way it is written/titled is very misleading as well. Nowhere does Lanza claim to have PROOF, he is just speculating, but the title always seems to be "Proof of Soul" or shit like that.

I was watching a science docu. a few years ago and they suggested that, due to all mass and energy being created during the Big Bang, that this would mean, by definition, that all mass/particles would be 'entangled'.

How this would present itself, in the day-to-day world is unclear, but could the aforementioned article be assuming this as a starting point?  

As a species we gain most of our knowledge through the various fields of Science and the application of this knowledge is used to make technical advances that are, in general, beneficial to advancing the quality of our lives. At the same time so few of us have any real understanding of Science and Technology. This is because societies have not fully come to term with the Truth – religion is still part of the dark ages and has nothing to offer us that will enlighten us further. Once we assign it to history and teach children the scientific method and an appreciation of rational thought and critical thinking we will start to solve that problem.

We get this sort of “Chopraization” (my term after Deepak) of Science because religious thinking confused the mind. It won’t let go and distorts reality. So Science being misunderstood is one thing. That can be solved with a proper education system. The problem is when peddlers of woo (quantum healing crystals) and religious fundamentalist hijack Science and use it in such a way that it sounds plausible to the scientifically naïve. It is often a deliberate ploy and I am sure the main reason behind it is either to keep theists hoodwinked or to extract money from them.

Whenever I hear someone talk of “quantum energy” I will ask them if they would be happy to express that as a wave function using the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics. We still can’t pinpoint the location of the soul and it’s not because we don’t know what speed it travels at. (sorry my bad).


The Soul travels as fast as it wants to, nothing more and nothing less.....

Sadly if it returns before it left, there might be a problem.......

Oh, whats happen during 'auto-entanglement'?  

Pseudo-science, philosophy site with the introduction of non-falsifiable terms.

Dr. Roger Penrose, was among the first to conjecture that conscientiousness is seated in the quasi-crystal like connectivity of nerve synopses that constitute a quantum mechanical Herbert space. Entertaining, but shear conjecture.

So full of shit, I can smell it through the monitor.

It only took him 2 minutes to get to the fine tuning of the universe...whoo...whoo...choo...choo...Elvis has left the building.

I heard this segment on NPR on Friday.  I think that some of the concepts are similar, but this is science, not pseudo-science.  These results have not yet been published in any peer-reviewed journals, but they will be.  The scientists said that the results need to be verified by others, but they were so excited about their discovery they wanted to get the news out immediately.  This is the Holy Grail of physics and, if verified, will be one of the most astounding scientific discoveries ever.  

The scary thing is being able to tell the difference between the science and the pseudo-science.  Only understanding the scientific method and at least something about the subject matter will enable people to discern what is metaphysical hogwash, and what is, albeit absolutely absurd-sounding even to the scientists, solid science.  

That was a great listen.

Damn, scientific inquiry is moving along so fast these days my head is spinning.


Just wait a bit and Deepak Chokadic will be coming out with a new book on how he invented quantum gravity. LOL


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