Science doesn't have all the answers... but religion knows everything

I just had a guy claim that religion knows everything. Saying that science sucks cause it doesn't have all the answers and religion rules cause it has all the answers... I thought I had a decent response and thought i'd share.

"Religion has all the answers? Does religion answer why objects that are moving faster experience time at a different rate than static objects? Does religion answer how many universes are in the multiverse? Does religion answer the question of what other alien species look like or how advanced they are? Religion knows nothing... because the primitive humans who wrote the bible didn't even know what the important questions were. Get real."

Anyone have anything to add? I could use the ammo.

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Everyone has added some great responses, but you can always point out some of the obvious stuff the Bible gets wrong. Like saying that Pi = 3 and that bats are birds. Sure, the Bible may have answers, but they're not necessarily the right answers. Actually, they're quite often the wrong answers. Just Genesis alone is completely laughable.

Religion has all the answers? When was the last time you heard someone say "Hold up, I'll Bible it."? Google +1, Religion 0.

I made a We Think Atheist video about this very topic. Enjoy!

It's called the Dunning-Kruger Effect:  the less you know the more you think you know;  the more you know the more you realize what you don't know.  Ignorance breeds arrogance.  Knowledge breeds humility.

That should be The Socrates Effect, shouldn't it?

Of course it's shrinking because, as many people would say, "Everything's relative." What that means that there is always a sense or interpretation according to which the universe is shrinking. Take a smaller example: the world. We hear people say "the world is shrinking" and we know what they mean by that, and it's true in a sense, but not in every sense, and not in the literal physical sense.

Bearing that in mind, of course the universe is shrinking. Our newest, most powerful telescopes are allowing us to bring the very edge of the universe into view.

In that sense, the universe is shrinking.

In ancient times the people who were first figuring things out, wrote things down as they saw it and could understand it. Keep in mind the people who created religions and wonder what they must've been talking about. Shamans for example knew about brain waves, your alpha, beta, theta, ect. We Now have science which puts labels on the kinds of things that Shamans did tens of thousands of years ago. Religion is a philosophy before Philosophy, Science is a Philosophy after Philosophy. So Religion is simply Old Science. And science doesn't have all the answers, neither does religion. Just find a balance in between thank you.

If people who wrote the bible were divinely inspired to write God's message for all of time, why are there no scientific discoveries prefigured in the bible?

Example: Science knows that water is 2 parts Hydrogen, one part Oxygen...H2O. Science also tells us that Hydrogen is the most common element in the universe. Oxygen, a lesser common element. If the writers were divinely inspired, why didn't they write something like this in Genesis: And God took 2 parts of the most common thing and took 1 part of a lesser common thing and made water?

But, they didn't. They didn't know With all their "divine inspiration", they are eerily silent on the rudimentary properties that make up everything.

What truly is amazing, is that I am told that if I want to understand the word of an all powerful god, I must go to a fancy building and have a special dude explain it to me. An omnipotent god would need no interpreter to spread his word and would not need humans to do his work for him!

Does religion (Christianity) know where and what jesus did between the age of 12 to 30.... No!!

religion rules cause it has all the answer

It has all the answers but alot of those answers are wrong.

   Ask your friend where in the Bible it explains pathogenic microbes.  Science does.

   Ask your friend how religion explains aging.  Science does.

   Ask your friend where in the Bible it explains what causes objects to fall to the earth.  Science does.

   Ask your friend what God had to say about DNA.  Science has a lot to say (and prove) about it.

   Ask your friend to explain why all the elements fall so neatly where they do on the periodic table.  Science can, and does.

   Ask your friend to show you in scriptures where it explains the Bernoulli effect.  Science explains it beautifully.

   Ask your friend to quote the verses that explain (or even mention) magnetism.  Science provides the answers.

   Ask your friend to show you in the Bible why we have seasons.  Science knows and lets us know.

   There are countless phenomena for which science not only has "answers," but answers that make perfect sense and are supported by abundant empirical evidence.  There are many others for which science is on the verge of finding answers.  There are some questions science may never answer.  But the difference is that science will NEVER give up trying to find answers, whereas religion gave up trying many millennia ago.  Instead, it just made up mystical answers that satisfied the ignorant ancients; and their current, addle-brained descendants cling desperately to the superstitions of those bronze age sheepherders, especially in the United States.

   Science is all about thinking and about improving the only lives we have.  Religion is all about avoiding thinking and about the delusion that life will go on forever.  It's about relying on lazy, blind faith to allay the fear of death. 



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