This is their email addy and phone#. The VM Box is full this weekend, But I intend to call on Monday to respectfully let them know that their bad behavior is unaccepteble.

Teresa McNeece - Superintendent
Phone # (662)862-2159 Ext 14
Join me in respectfully shaming the School district on their bad behavior?

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I was advised to make sure there was coverage and I did.
How about we Feature this, then?

Oh. Somebody already did!
Awesome! I'm on it!
This was the first time I saw it.
I emailed!
A followup story.

Constance won the preliminary ruling, and the judge did not order that the prom be held as there was going to be a private prom held which everyone could come to.

However, what actually happened is that Constance, her date, and 7 other students (not the 'In' crowd) were directed to a fake prom, while all of the rest of their classmates went to the real one which Constance and the others were not told about.

A classic example of Christian 'love' and 'tolerance'.
I was wondering what happened to this story. For obvious reasons left the radar of mainstream media after they didn't get the typical expected response.

I am at a loss for words, and this is very unfair and hurtful. The degree of intolerance in some states makes me sick.
Most religious and non religious people alike can agree that that situation is pretty fucked up.


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