Sceptic challenges guru to kill him live on TV using mystical powers

I saw this article someone submitted on reddit today, and I thought some of you might like it. A skeptic named Sanal Edamaruku is going around India exposing fraudulent mystics and trying to win people over to rational thought. He's doing a pretty good job, too, from all appearances. The article lists some examples and descriptions of tricks various babas and swamis perform that he and some of his fellow skeptics have exposed.

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You be sure to credit Reddit because they'll castigate you if you don't. There are three long BS vids but I enjoyed the last few minutes of the skeptic laughing at him. The Guru is dusting him!

Vid link
That's funny. I've been asking God to strike me with lightning in broad daylight if he was real and angry at atheists.
That reminds me of this video by the famous TheThinkingAtheist: where one of the ridiculous comments he features in the video is someone saying that TheThinkingAtheist probably got hit by lightning because of the horrible things he said in his video.

Apparently not though. I wonder why?
I imagine God is probably just giving him a bit more time to change his mind before he says enough is enough and decides to torment him for eternity?
I generally still get the socialised twinge of angst whenever I have a decidedly "God is such a farce" thought, especially when driving. I often wonder how easy it would be for a truly omniscient being to give me a good ol' traditional smiting. Usually gets my mind running about how he should have just sorted his shit out a long time ago and he wouldn't be battling with atheists now, and the anxiety vanishes.
I'm just glad there are people out there who are calling "divinely inspired" people on their nonsense. Whether Sanal convinces people or not, it plants the seed of doubt in their minds.
"Usually gets my mind running about how he should have just sorted his shit out a long time ago and he wouldn't be battling with atheists now,"

That's a very interesting thought! I haven't considered it that way before, but it makes sense. Now and then I have these minor existential crises that I have to think my way through, and I'm going to try your thought next time. :D



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