hi all

I just want to share my thoughts with someone who may understand it, or at least respect it.

I've been atheist for three years now, a lot of things have been changed, including myself, my views, and my concerns.

I'm not into religious discussions anymore, whenever I find something similar I just keep myself away from it, I don't want to prove anything to anybody, may all the world convert to Islam, Christianity, or atheism .... it doesn't matter, as I believe world will almost stays the same.

I've tried to find a "goal" to live for, but it looks like I wont find one, all my goals are short term, easily achieved goals, when you don't care about life, it gives you everything....

What could one possibly desire if he has everything ?

Why are we doing that much to keep a live that we know for sure it will be ended one day?

we live, we die ... all whats in between doesn't matter



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it has nothing to do with religion

religion does nothing more than masking the truth that we are living for nothing.


I'm not into using the word "truth", so consider it the truth from my point of view.



from my point of view  both are fooling themselves..

and from the point of view of a judge, none is wrong, none is right

just 2 different ways to spend that time between birth and death

A- believe you are living for something and die

B- believe you living for nothing and die




I hear what you are saying and how I deal with it is I choose to think of it as quality of life verses quantity... eventually it ends..but what you do in between is all that matters.


Just because the earth is going to eventually burn up in the sun doesn't mean that all the architecture, art, music, etc that we ever came up with were worthless.  We aren't eternal beings and we have to quit thinking that way.


If we want to think of more than ourselves or living beyond we have to do it for the community.

We have taken higher steps off the backs of those who came before us...who knows where we (as human beings) might eventually go.  If we have no self-imposed limits than there's no reason to close ourselves off from any possibilities....even incredibly expanded lifetimes.


Life is full of possibilities.  There is beauty, There is wonder. There is love.  They exist NOW.  Grap a hold of them while you can...Its the eternal beings who wait their whole lives in hopes for some kind of afterlife to start living them.  The irony is they 'believe' in a purpose but they don't know what the fuck it is..Its just Gods purpose.. They just trust there's got to be one and that it will be revealed in the life to come.  That's just not enough for me.


The fact of the matter is.... You are alive. You have numerous examples to choose from and see the consequences of living a life one way or another.


I don't know about you but I see all kinds of purpose in my short life here... I know I'm going to die some day, but I don't see why that should cause me to bury my head and weep for the rest of my life. That really would be a waste. I'd like to try and contribute something before I go even if it is just help and support to my family and friends.


just a quick thought..  The way you structure this reply seems to imply that because we 'die' is the reason there is no purpose.?   Is this the case?



Damn I hate these posts that make me think... Think about purpose in the same way you think about morals: Christians have "objective" or "absolute" morals and purpose as it is given to them by their god. Without that, morals become subjective....so do purposes. Right now, my purpose is to convey this message to you to help you through this issue. In about 5 minutes time it will be to write some more code for my client. When I get home tonight it will be to love my wife and dog. Find purpose where you feel purpose.


actually I'm much more moral than any religious person, I do all moral things for the sake of human beings, not to get a reward from god.


I've done some good stuff, but can't keep myself away from asking: so what?

for example:

try to save our planet.... for what, humans will extinct anyway

contribute in poor kids education, they will grow up, suffer, live for a while then die


love feels good, living to make your beloved happy is good

but sometimes you can't just resist this Idea, that there is no purpose


but sometimes you can't just resist this Idea, that there is no purpose

The trick is not to think like this. What you do is probably going to last a couple hundred years at most but it makes the world better for that time which also encourages other people to make the world better. The flow on effect is well worth it.

I'm also focused on the last line. I hear this too often from Atheists. Life has no meaning. I wrote a blog about it a year or so ago. I don't know if it will speak to you at all. Life is spiritual if you'll just stop to enjoy it versus wasting it by analyzing each event. Maybe that line doesn't come across as you would wish, but life is far more valuable than your last line conveys. You get this chance at sentience that will be fleeting. but for this moment, you get to enjoy the universe in a manner that few chemicals get to. All too soon you will be shining on the faces, or feeding the faces of the next lucky creature and if you could think then, you would only wish for this moment once again. 

Nice blog Gaytor

I'm not depressed or suicidal (till now), I'm living my life to the fullest

sometimes I feel happy, sometimes I make people feel happy

the difference is, I do whatever I can to make things go well for others and me , and I don't care much about whats going around, coz there is always that thing playing in my brain's background that everything is going to an end someday.


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