Scary, Crazy Right-Wing Christian Wack-Job, and his latest Shenanigans

Okay, so I have heard of James Dobson, Jerry Fallwell, and Pat Robertson, but this guy is new to me. And even more frightening, he seems crazier than all three of these well-known nuts put together!
His name is Charles Colson and Secular News Daily and the Americans United for Separation of Church and State have apparently been following him like a hawk for several years. I check Secular News Daily: on a regular basis and this is the first I heard of him in their article entitled "Attack of the clones: Religious Right leader Colson commissions ‘Centurions’ for the culture war."

As I started to read, I felt more and more like I had entered the twilight zone. The things this right-wing nut was saying made Ann Coulter look almost sane!

Apparently he has been at this nonsense for years.

Like at a Georgia conference for the "Association for Classical and Christian Schools" in 2009 where he promoted slavery as "biblical and expressed regret that the Confederacy lost the American Civil War."

when he "blasted" the "normal" religious right and the girl scouts for "worshipping at the altar of the bitch goddess of tolerance."

His most recent freak show is pushing the so-called "Manhattan Declaration."

Seriously! Who is this guy? And should we be worried about this nutcase?

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Unfortunately, he has been around for a long time = he was a person involved in Watergate
He, and other like him, scare me. I mean seriously!? These types of people have a huge following in the US. Yes, we should be worried about them.

The funny part is that they are following the basis of Christianity, which modern Christians seem to ignore. (Slavery, anti-gay ect)

Chuck Colson was one of Nixon's boys.

Google him.

What scares me the most is that this man who is so filled with hate and intolerance for anyone that doesn't have the same beliefs that he does is being honored by Presidents and other high ranking officals. I would think that even most religous groups would want to silence this man.  I know a lot of people with varying religious backgrounds and no a one of them truely believe's in hatred this man spews.
You should try to see if you can get some more candid views from these religious people you know.  I hear a lot of tolerance and peace being espoused by the non-denominational types, but there are plenty of others who will, when they feel they are safe, say some pretty revealing things about how they really feel about various groups and the politically correct 'requirements' of tolerance.  Every group tends to have some criteria for thinking it is superior - atheists often fall into this trap when espousing rational thought and the self correcting nature of scientific discipline.  Christians, however, very often cling to feelings of moral superiority and that includes an underlying judgement of social minorities.


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