I was born and raised agnostic. I still consider myself more Atheistic than Agnostic but sometimes I've wondered. I have seen a lot of terrible things in life and am shocked every time I turn on the news to see the horrible things that people do. I have come to a conclusion that the only reason I've ever been able to come up with for having some sort of "faith" would be to have a finite knowledge that something very bad will happen to people who go around doing horrific things. These are the times I truly want to believe. I have never been able (for myself) to find another reason to believe in anything (and, ironically, I wouldn't want to believe in some a-hole of a God who's only purpose is to go around smiting other a-holes).

I've also never read the bible. I think the closest I ever came to reading a bible was this book about fixing your bicycle. After hearing that the bible (a version or two) is well written with some crazy stories inside, I decided to take a peek once. I got to this part where so and so 'begat' so and so and so on...and on......and on.......

(Mind you, I could barely get through "Dianetics" without feeling like I was wasting my time in some bizarre way).

I'm not a fast reader and have come to a decision more finite than my belief system (or lack there-of) in that I will never read that book. Understanding that I may lack some knowledge when arguing with a real bible-thumper, but, I've held my own thus far. It is my decision. It is my one and only life (as far as I've ever known),

and life is short.

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Hi Ellen, welcome to the site!
Hi, thanks! Though, I get the feeling I may be "preaching to the quire" (and how many times has that analogy been stated on this website?)...

There are just so many challenges for the average Atheist out there, it's nice to find places like this where you are not alone.

Glad this is here for us.
Welcome to T|A Ellen!


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