Say Something Scandalous About the Last Atheist To Post.

This is a game I learned from a forum in which used to participate.  (until they booted my ass for having an avatar that was an image of the prophet).


So the idea is that you (respectfully) say something scandalous about the previous poster.  Obviously we're all adults, so I'm sure we can be trusted to be funny, but also not to jab anybody in a way that is truly hurtful.


So since I'm starting, I have to pick somebody arbitrarily.


I pick Sidney.


I heard recently from a very reliable source that she not only is a devout Orthodox theist, but that she also only joined TA to be a mole in preparation for her planned epic crusade to wipe the earth of freethinkers.

(so now the next person has to slander me, and so on.  Make it a good one, I'm a real arse, and don't deserve any mercy in this game 8)

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I'm not one to go around repeating gossip, so you better listen up the first time. I heard Freddy Said he was overjoyed that he managed to get front row seats at the next Glen Beck rally.
Reply by Isaac Domagalski 28 minutes ago
Flower begged Freddy to give a ticket to the Beck rally in exchange for a blowjob.


@Isaac - _____U





I saw Isaac at the book store putting Bible tract is all the Atheist books. And after he was finished he complained rather loudly to the store clerk that he was deeply offended by there being a Christian fiction section. "There is no fiction in Christianity. All those authors were divinely inspired by the Holy Ghost!", he said and demanded the sign be removed.

James pooped on my lawn and didn't clean it up!

Fred - you want Sarah Palin's shoes for what !!!

Reg over here is actually a ginger--that's why he doesn't even show his face. I've even heard that he's friends with coppercab: he even goes to church! he's a christian! *cue weird sound that coppercab makes at this point*

and yes, i know i'm a hypocrite.

Ynomir50 here is a Sith lord, hell bent on destroying we, the noble jedi.

Grady Jean is actually a trolling God who joined TA to see what these stupid atheists were talking about and laugh at them :)

I AM UNDONE! *flees*


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