Say Something Scandalous About the Last Atheist To Post.

This is a game I learned from a forum in which used to participate.  (until they booted my ass for having an avatar that was an image of the prophet).


So the idea is that you (respectfully) say something scandalous about the previous poster.  Obviously we're all adults, so I'm sure we can be trusted to be funny, but also not to jab anybody in a way that is truly hurtful.


So since I'm starting, I have to pick somebody arbitrarily.


I pick Sidney.


I heard recently from a very reliable source that she not only is a devout Orthodox theist, but that she also only joined TA to be a mole in preparation for her planned epic crusade to wipe the earth of freethinkers.

(so now the next person has to slander me, and so on.  Make it a good one, I'm a real arse, and don't deserve any mercy in this game 8)

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I don't see how Christpher could know that, since he apparently asked his mom to go home before the movie was over because the monsters were too scary.
I heard Michael was a furry loving, emo, muslim pedophile who prays to allah to get bummed by a tiger mascot covered in faeces, and who enjoys playing with fisher prices toys as much as he likes slitting his wrists. 
I hear you only know that Bronson because you enjoy doing all that with him. (very good btw haha!)
Well, you didn't hear this from me, but you notice how you never see Isaac with a date?  Hmmm?  Well I heard that it's because he's on a certain LIST with the local authorities, if you get me.

there is nothing funny about depression or self inflicted injuries. I've been clinically depressed for years and I know what it's like to want to hurt you're self. Next time, maybe you should think about what you say, and how it can effect people.


just kidding. I win.

you could do better, only because I dont get the temple of doom reference. I was born in 88! geezer. lol

Laura left me for Tom Cruise. Sigh. What a lack of self-respect. Why didn't she pick an atheist actor like Brad Pitt?

(At least I know her unbridled libido will make good use of the e-meter.)

Craig was all bragging to me the other day, talking about this list of things he made on the internet. "It's going to be huge" he tells me. Ya right, like anyone is going to go to a sight called "Craig's List". Gimme a break.
Isaac knows that because he is the hooker.
Hey come on Mr. Nigma you didnt have a problem with prostitution when you were "involved" with Ted Haggard...
I'll do one for myself... I would know that you indeed can NOT find hookers on craigs list anymore. they are cracking down. lol

Weren't you in the little blond haired boy in the Jesus Camp documentary?


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