Say Something Scandalous About the Last Atheist To Post.

This is a game I learned from a forum in which used to participate.  (until they booted my ass for having an avatar that was an image of the prophet).


So the idea is that you (respectfully) say something scandalous about the previous poster.  Obviously we're all adults, so I'm sure we can be trusted to be funny, but also not to jab anybody in a way that is truly hurtful.


So since I'm starting, I have to pick somebody arbitrarily.


I pick Sidney.


I heard recently from a very reliable source that she not only is a devout Orthodox theist, but that she also only joined TA to be a mole in preparation for her planned epic crusade to wipe the earth of freethinkers.

(so now the next person has to slander me, and so on.  Make it a good one, I'm a real arse, and don't deserve any mercy in this game 8)

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Nice excuse for getting booted from the forum for your 'avatar'.  


I think we all know why you got banned.  Perhaps because you post insanely immature threads that absolutely Nobody will participate in.  


Your new motto.  "Getting banned from a forum is so easy ... even a caveman can do it."  Nice pic.  

Oh This Dustin person... I've heard what you do. Sneaking those god waffers things into peoples snacks, trying to instill the holy ghost! forshame! (i tried hahaXD)

I am cracking up.


Zombie Atheist - There are rancid rumors that you uphold faith in the unholy Zombie Jesus. Get thee behind me, Zombie Atheist.  

I went skydiving with Flower the other day and I saw her make the sign of the cross before she jumped.  Shame on you Flower.
But i thought you were pro jesus after you proclaimed the benefits of getting a little vitamin J in my diet at that anti-evolution, pro-ignorance rally?

Oh, poor Radu...

Sorry you're the last in on the secret, but everyone knows your pancake fetish is merely a feeble attempt at covering up your fierce faith in the Mighty Xenu!

Here's my advice;  wake up, get some coffee flowing through your system, and study this site thoroughly. Now take a deep breath in...

Smell that pungent aroma? That, my friend, is REALITY. lolz, and have a wonderful day, too, sir.



Chris(t) is an epic troll who's addicted to writing leading articles and drinking too much coffee in the middle of the night. The McGuire bit is just to mislead the rest of us.
I heard that Adriana has a scat fetish, and thinks that christian metal isn't even remotely ironic. "Loving Jesus can be hardcore too" she says. 
I was at the café, reading Nietzsche's The Gay Science, when I met Bronson. Later, I learnt he sent advice the WBC to picket my funeral.
I'll bet the Phelps clan were mighty pissed when they found Jaume, out one of their own members had been caught reading Gay Science in a cafe.
George swears he sees an image of the virgin Mary in this pup's color pattern.
I heard Isaac, after a showing of "Clash of the Titans," not only comment about how he worries about offending the Gods, but that the "3D conversion actually looked really good!"


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