Satanist Temple "Converts" Fred Phelps Jr.'s Mother to Lesbianism in Gravesite Pink Mass

I reckon that's the strangest headline I've come across in a long time. Here's the scoop:
When the WBC announced they would be protesting at the funerals of Boston Marathon bombing victims, it was apparently the last straw for a group of Satanists based in New York.  The Satanists were inspired to celebrate a "Pink Mass" and they prepared to counter-protest against the WBC. But the WBC were a no-show in Boston. (Small mercies) Satanic Temple representative Lucien Greaves says that 'the WBC's subsequent announcement that the WBC were present at the funerals "in spirit"' prompted the Satanists to "meet the WBC "in spirit"" at the Mississippi grave of Catherine Idalette Johnston. That's dear Freddie's mother.  Just in case the WBC weren't getting the message, the Satanists also hacked the WBC'c website to declare their Pink Mass ritual had made Mrs. Johnston "gay in the afterlife." The Pink Mass ritual was performed twice so that a both lesbian and a gay couple could each make out on top of Mrs. Johnston's grave.  Guess the conversion wouldn't stick without that extra spit swapping.
In response, the WBC assures everyone they still hate gays. They plan to descend upon the funeral of Glee star Cory Monteith, who overdosed last Sunday in a Vancouver hotel room. Monteith died at 31 and was a respected ally of the LGBT community. 
Yes. That all happened.
It is the humble opinion of this atheist that both the Satanists and the WBC could benefit from a bit of reflection on one of that Jesus fellow's philosophies: love thy neighbor. The moral of the story may be that vile behavior begets vile behavior begets vile behavior. Mama always said you can't wash blood out with blood and I expect the same holds true for cleaning up shit stains. What say ye, Thinking Atheists? 
***Details and quotes are harvested from a Gawker article. I can't seem to copy and paste today, or I'd hook you up with the link.

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Be careful when it comes to hats. George Carlin noticed that when two groups of people hate each other and try to kill each other, they're usually wearing different hats. It may be unrelated, but it never hurts to be safe and not wear a hat at all. :p

And if you'll notice, they're not fighting.

That's because they're wearing the same type of hat. It's different hats you have to watch out for.

Eggsactly! I'm simply confirming your point.

Doable. Google around...someone figured out where they got it in the first article I read (I read two articles, just because this seems so outrageous and our media isn't overly concerned with reporting facts these days). 

I'm not gay now but I am more than willing to experiment in heaven!

Sign me up!

Hail Satan!

Oh my....and just when I thought things couldn't get any stranger with Westboro.  Westboro, the American Taliban, has graced my youtube channels for years now and each time they seem to exceed their own standards of immorality. What can be said about Shirley Phelp's 'deer in the headlights' look or about the hate that is promoted in the name of the Almighty Creator.  Anyone who doubts the dangers of religion need only watch one of the numerous examples of horrendous behavior promoted by these folks in the name of 'God'.

Good for Canada!


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