I know in this group we have very creative minds and in the interests of entertainment and creativity, we could do a biography of Satan.

For the purposes of this exercise, we will assume Satan exists and we will start from where he [let us just say it is a he] was born, educated, his achievements, failures and if he did any writings, we will look at his family, where he grew up and what trades he learnt.

Go to work friends and lets us build a good biography for the antagonist.

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According to the book "Atheist Manifesto," Lucifer means bringer of light, or one who casts a light in the darkness.  Totally appropriate in the context of the serpent and the apple.  Also, good job Eve, the first human free thinker of monotheistic tradition!  :-)

The bringer of light actually is a reference to the morning star or day star (Greek phosphoros, 2 Peter 1:19) At certain times of the year the last stars to rise on the eastern horizon were the brightest before the sun appeared. These stars were viewed as heralds of a new day. So Nebuchadnezzar, who would destroy God's earthly Kingdom, his representation on earth when he destroyed Jerusalem and ended the kingdom, was a herald of a time known as the "times of the Gentiles." This time would last until a new king came, Jesus Christ, also called a day star or morning star.

David, I think you miss the point, Jesus, Nebuchadnezzar or even the greeks are not the point here. We are trying to create a bio for satan or whatever you call it the devil or god's antithesis.

Strange, this source gives Lucifer credit for being the morning star.  I have never heard of Jesus being referred to as any sort of star.  Is this a protestant tradition?

well what light would you credit Jeebus with? unless hell fire qualifies

The Hebrew word satan means adversary or resister. It is first used in the Bible at Numbers 22:22 in application to a righteous angel of God who stood in the road resisting Balaam. The word can be used, then, for those resisting unrighteousness. When given with the definite article ha (ha satan) it is in application to the angel who became the chief adversary of Jehovah God.

Before the angel who became known as Satan the Devil (Devil means deceiver; liar), his actual name is never given, sinned he was called the most beautiful of the angels and was given the task of protecting the newly created human couple in the garden of Eden. A small area surrounded by a newly formed and possibly dangerous terrain. 

There are, naturally, quite a few nonsensical superstitions and misconceptions about Satan. He is often confused with Lucifer, which is actually a term meaning "Light Bearer" and was applied, not to Satan but rather to Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon.

I know you're looking for a good, fictional story, Onyango, but this is not MY made-up crap, it's made-up crap from the Bible, and from Hebrew biblical scholars: Satan was not originally bad. In fact, he was quite handsome and god's little helper. He was originally known as "the Accuser," and it was his job to travel all over the earth and report back who was misbehaving, to provide god with names for his holy hit list.

Eventually, he evolved into the evil creature we know and love today - in my opinion, primarily because it was getting more and more difficult to explain away the atrocities caused by the biblical god, so a scape-goat was needed. If people were saved, god did it, if they weren't, it was Satan's fault. Personally, I think we're talking about a Jeckel/Hyde schizophrenic.

Where do you get this stuff at?

Not sure who you're addressing, David, but in case I'm it, here are some sources - there are many, many more, but this should hold you for a while:

the Jewish Encyclopedia.com



You are right archy, I was hoping we could do satan some little justice. He didn't claim omnipotence for himself or any such thing but at least to the best of my knowledge and with the bible as the reference he only caused pain to Job but this he did with the help of god and to satan's glory, man has knowledge if only the bible were true


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