I know in this group we have very creative minds and in the interests of entertainment and creativity, we could do a biography of Satan.

For the purposes of this exercise, we will assume Satan exists and we will start from where he [let us just say it is a he] was born, educated, his achievements, failures and if he did any writings, we will look at his family, where he grew up and what trades he learnt.

Go to work friends and lets us build a good biography for the antagonist.

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The Bible says heaven is blissful and hell is eternal agony, that's whats written in the bible. That’s God’s book. As far as I know the Devil hasn’t brought out a book, we don’t know his side of the argument. If you ask me the Devil and God are having an argument and the Devil is being the bigger man, cause God’s just writing shit about him and the Devil’s going “I’m not even gonna fucking comment son, if you talk about me like that”

Jim Jeffries

He is the bigger man.

Jim Jeffries is my new George Carlin.

"The Bible says heaven is blissful and hell is eternal agony, that's whats written in the bible."

Somebody had better do some fact checking.

A good start I think

Once upon a time...

I'm not sure we need to do this... Dante's Divine Comedy, and Milton's Paradise Lost cover this topic quite well I am told.

Matt I think since Dante, there has been an increase in what we know. I think we can build on Divine Comedy and Paradise Lost

"For the Love of Evil" is book six of Piers Anthony's Incarnations of Immortality series. Been a while since I read it, but Piers is a fun writer.

I liked his Xanth series and Blue Adept series and Phase series.........Your right Piers is good.

Reg this is interesting. 

I made the aquaitence of the 'angel of death' once. She was a cheaker at the local Fred Meyer, and an under grad from South Africa. I noticed her name tag and made the comment, 'Wow that is an interesting first name, what does it mean?

Sadly I can't remember the spelling, maybe a protective response? Still here, so I quess I was not worth bothering with, or professional courtesy. LOL



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