Anyone else as frustrated at me that this woman is still in the news? It really showcases to me how much this country cares about drama...

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Ya know, there's a certain aspect of possible benefit from having the republican spotlight on her, and all the mentions of her being a possible runner for 2012. Moderate republicans see how loony she is, and try to disassociate the republicans with the Religious Right, or start to disassociate themselves with the republican party.

This is what happened to me. I was a moderate republican until the whole Palin thing occurred. It's just so insane to think that someone who fails in basically all aspects of her professional life and as a mother could possibly be thought of as a serious candidate for mayor of Barbie city let alone Vice President or President of the U.S.
me too! I really liked McCain,moderate republican, war vet, experience, etc. Then Palin the dumbass comes along and ruins it. Now I'm questioning whether the republicans even care about the issues I became a republican for, small gov't, low taxes, etc, as much as they care about forwarding a loony christian agenda. I should've seen it coming with Bush. But Palin is way worse.
What I hope is that the Republicans dump the loonies and get back to basics and reason. If putting up with Palin for another few years does that, then it may well be very much worth it.
Palin running in 2012...
That would give those 2012 theories a boost.
She's too incompetent to destroy the world.
lol, no kidding.
But there's also that chance that she is the red herring the republican party is focusing the spotlight on so they can keep it off the 'real' candidate. /shrug/

Johnny I think you are on to something here.
What really boggles me is that in her book she reputedly kept saying that her handlers were keeping her away from interviews, insisted that she interview with Couric, etc. And she meekly went along with them. And she claims that she could be President, when she can't even hold her own against a member of her own staff?
Please, please, PLEASE let Palin be the Republican candidate in 2012! PLEASE! Can you imagine a debate between Palin and Obama?????
I would cry it would be so sad.


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