Anyone else as frustrated at me that this woman is still in the news? It really showcases to me how much this country cares about drama...

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Quit pissing me off! Everytime Palin says something, I want to punch something. Preferably Palin. Gaaaaah!
lol sorry :P
Interesting video nonetheless. Confirmation of what we already knew about her.
And further confirmation of my views on ignorance... I don't mind innocent ignorance - you can't help it if you simply haven't been exposed to information. But the willfully ignorant are DANGEROUS. I cannot stand this woman... it seriously felt like "Hey, if we nominate a woman, we'll get all them libs votes!" That's like saying that black people would vote for Flava Flav just because he's black. Freakin' insulting.
Holy crap! I was just talking about that with my wife tonight. The "that" being the difference between ignorance and willful ignorance. Sadly, my own mother falls in that latter camp. She has even told me, proudly, that she doesn't want to know things.
Mom your kitchen is on fire!

I know you don't like my tuna casserole, but I don't want hear it!
Sarah Palin is a blonde?? :0 ;)
Spread out, porcupine. I know what you meant. ;)
Wow... just wow!!!
I agree but am not surprised in the least.
When you look up the word stupid, there should be a picture of Sarah Palin.
Ya know, there's a certain aspect of possible benefit from having the republican spotlight on her, and all the mentions of her being a possible runner for 2012. Moderate republicans see how loony she is, and try to disassociate the republicans with the Religious Right, or start to disassociate themselves with the republican party.

But there's also that chance that she is the red herring the republican party is focusing the spotlight on so they can keep it off the 'real' candidate. /shrug/


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