Same Sex Marriage (& The Argument from Definition)

For those who debate the issue of same sex marriage, will know that when one is not talking about naturalism, nor religious beliefs opposing homosexuality (or rather the "act" of honosexuality). Opponents of same sex marriage will use the argument of definition.

But wait, by definition; marriage is also between two persons of the same gender. At least according to the Oxford English Dictionary it is. Previously it was just their free online dictionary available on their website that defined marriage to include same sex unions and marriages as well as the more traditional variations. Now Oxford have extended this to their printed dictionaries. The article discussing this can be read here

For those wondering what exactly this definition entails:

"(in some jurisdictions) a formal union between partners of the same sex."

Do you think this will assist in promoting human equality? I can only hope so. And a better question to ask might be will this end the argument from definition as we know it? I think its safe to say that only time will tell

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Lol well I could have just said "gay marriage" but same sex marriage sounds more classy 


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