A couple years ago, I moved from Portland to Cleveland, my home town by birth, to take care of my father during his last days, and now I can finally see my way to moving back to Portland, my favorite city and the hometown of my heart. 

I have been telling friends there that I might be returning and I didn't hear back from one guy. He was a flamboyant gay guy who went by the nickname ZaZa who lived down the hall from me for nearly 12 years. Not my best friend, but we were friendly and more than simply cordial. He revealed he had AIDS, but seemed to be doing very well.

A little googling revealed the sad truth. During my period of 2 years away from Portland, he had died.

He was a good guy. I miss him already.

We hear about the success medicine is having in treating HIV/AIDS, but in truth these treatments are no guarantee of success. People are still dying of this disease.

Have any of you lost any friends to this disease lately?

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Sad and humbling news. Especially to find out like that. We are bags of cells capable of love and that's a tough combination. Stay strong.

I just wish I'd known, but it wasn't like him to beg for sympathy. It happened last July.

Sorry for your loss Unseen. Tough way to find out.

Lost my brother to the disease.

Back in the '80's I was seeing a girl who later found out she had Aids. Before she died she made the trip to New York to tell me to get checked out. She was worried about me. Which kills me to this day because she was really sick and she still worried about me. Great girl. Will never forget her.

You are so right. We are so accustomed now of hearing success stories like Magic Johnson's that we go around thinking that this disease is totally treatable.

If you haven't already take a look at "Dallas Buyers Club". If you're not already pissed at the government you will be after watching this movie.

So sorry to hear about your brother, Noel. 

I do wonder why there are success stories for many, but the magic fails to work for others.

As a rule, I like action movies, mysteries, and sci fi much more than "downer" movies, but I do plan on seeing it if only because of the Oscar nominations.

I have a friend diagnosed with HIV that got treated before it could become AIDS. His biggest concern recently has been side-effects of an anti-retroviral drug, especially on his pancreas. But he's generally healthy, keeping his viral count low.

That's very sad. I'm sorry he's died.


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