I know most of you don't care for Ron Paul due to his stance on abortion but I was wonderin' what everyone thinks of his ideas for foreign policy & the constitution.

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So over here in the U.K, I was curious as to why Obama's words on N. Korea were splashed all over front page news, but no other leaders were really getting coverage. It seems odd to me that a nation far out of missile range would be the word on what is done or not done.
I've never liked Ron Paul and never will. I don't agree that opening up trade is the answer, but I'm totally with him when he says that we are in essence rewarding countries that develop nuclear technology by placating with special treatment and funding. It's time to stop that.
I say that any country that peruses a nuclear goal should be cold shouldered for all aid until their programs are dismantled. They shouldn't be invited to any summits, conventions or gathering of world leaders until headway is made in talks, and moreover strict embargoes should be placed on any materials that could go towards weapon creation.
I'm sure a lot of people will say that this is cruel and will punish the simple citizens of their country, but instead of seeing that as a bad thing, I think that no progression can be made until the common man or woman starts to put pressure on their government as well. You can only be a leader if folks are willing to follow you. As soon as mass protests and civil disorder break out on the streets we'll see a nation fully committed to joining the global community, not just a bunch of dictators playing games. In the end, the PEOPLE control the governments. That is why news and information is kept tightly under wraps. Instead of putting money into bailing these dictators out of trouble with food and water supplies, we should let them get torn down when citizens have had enough of their babies going hungry. The money we would save could be channeled into obliterating their media and information lock downs, so the common person can see that there are choices to be made. We should stop being a world police and start offering opportunity of decision making to the citizens. We can educate them that it's their actions that effect their countries. It's their lives, their responsibility. I bet if we cut off financial funding of food programs these governments will stop throwing out neutral aid agencies. These relief groups can once again become the symbols of help-without-strings-attached that they used to be known for.


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