I just finished seeing this eye opening video on the site:

And it brought up a question that I’ve always wanted to ask, but never did so until now:

Whenever I see an African American minister, ruthlessly defending Christianity, a voice in my head always goes: “white people kidnapped your ancestors from their land, forced them to become slaves, robbed them of their heritage, language, culture, religion- and then forced their own religion on to them. HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY BE SO DEVOTED TO THE CHRISTIAN FAITH?!?!?!

How can you not see that you have been robbed of your own people’s rich heritage, and that you are now advocating a “truth” which was forced on to your ancestors by their oppressors??

What makes Christianity “Better” than any other indigenous African faith?

I could point the same question at people in South America- an entire continent of Incas and Mayans whose whole tradition, religion, culture, and language was stolen from them, and replaced with JESUS. How can they possibly not see that they are all victims of a CULTURAL OCCUPATION?

If there are any Christian or ex-Christian African Americans here I would love to know if this is a question that ever comes up in congregations, and if so- how is it dealt with.


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Stockholm syndrome.
If I were a believer in Jesus then I would tell you "It doesn't matter how I was introduced to the faith, it's the fact that it makes sense to me that matters." Of course I, personally, could not have been introduced via my slave master's insistence since I'm in a totally different century - but that also makes a big difference. Current African-Americans have not been forced into any faith. They choose it. Just because it is different from the faith of distant ancestors doesn't mean they should renounce it. Plus, African-Americans were forced into speaking English, wearing western clothes, receiving western schooling, democracy in general, and living in the United States, but they're not going to renounce any of those things because they were originally forced into them, either. Why would religion be different?

Even being atheist and anti-destroying-peoples'-culture I can't legitimize that question.
I think it is slightly different because many westerners legitimized slavery with Christianity, and not with the English language, western clothes, schooling, etc etc.
Yonny, I get where your frustration is coming from, but I agree with Doug & Stacy. The real post-oppression hypocrisy, in my opinion, is here: http://bit.ly/3VOZnF
that's exactly the video that got me writing this post in the first place


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