This was posted on a forum of mine, at the end of a long, religious debate, where I called her out on circular reasoning and blind faith. Also, I brought up burden of proof, science, the fact that she constantly changed the subject instead of answering questions, the flaws of Pascal's Wager, her deliberate ignorance towards anything that disproves her (I'd posted links multiple articles on how her arguments are logically fallacious, but she refused to read them, then continued to make the same arguments), and her repetitive nature when questioned why she believed in God (she never had an answer; in fact, her exact statement was "I believe because I believe in God").

This was her final reply, before deleting her account:

I am NOT going to be a part of such Filth and Language that is going on here..YOU CHARLES [and all other members] CAN ALL KISS MY ASS! THAT'S RIGHT KISS MY ASS!!! You aren't worthy of me being here! YOU NEED HELP!!! YOU GIVE ATHEISTS A WORSE NAME THAN THEY ALREADY HAVE! Very obvious Charles that you and [other member] are one in the same along with [other member]! I PITY YOU AND YOUR FORUM! YOU WILL RUE WHAT YOU HAVE STATED HERE!!! YOU CAN COUNT ON THAT ONE!!! ROAST IN HELL FOR ALL ETERNITY YOU DAMN ATHEISTS!!!! I AM OUTTA HERE AND YOU CAN STICK [website] WHERE THE SUN DOES NOT SHINE! NOW SIT ON THAT ONE!!!! GOOD RIDDANCE ATHEISTS!!!

My response:
Jesus facepalm

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Jesus facepalm~ Awesome!
I guess turn the other cheek lost out to smiting the sodomites
Aw, come on now, don't be too hard on her. She is obviously brainwashed to the point of no return.
It's probably not her fault. She was most likely the product two very delusional parents who fed her pages of the bible for her morning cereal. She will continue coming to sites like this because she enjoys being beaten up. After all didn't her best friend Jayzeus get tacked on a couple of planks for hers sins. She's simply trying to give something back for her cause. :>}
I'm pretty sure she was spoon-fed her religion while she was too young to protect herself, and never heard any outside opinions until she was too old to change her mind. She's admitted before to never having known an atheist.
'Tis a shame. :(
Yeeeah... I have to ask, how old is this chick? If she's in her teens, twenties or thirties... she's not too old to change her mind. I was 24 went it all went awry for me. I was pretty heavily brainwashed. The thing is, I wanted the truth. She has to want the truth more than anything, even her desire to have someone watching over her.

Actually, it's because I wanted to have a "better relationship" with God that I ended up falling off the wagon altogether. Because I WAS finding answers to the questions you were posing to her is what did it for me. She can't answer those questions unless she wants to lose faith, which she obviously doesn't. It is sad, but it's never too late as long as someone is willing.
She's prolly in her 40s or 50s. Pretty old, methinks.
Even more emphasized by the fact that nobody [outside of her] was using foul language throughout the entire discussion.
But I like your point. I hadn't noticed that before. :lol:
Well said This makes me proud to be an Atheist. She just proves that religion is ignorance.
How can a god look down on children being abused and then make an excuse for the perpetrators’actions because they believe in a god.
By the way, much more pleasant in hell if she is not there.
Jesus facepalm wins.

And to quote Real Genius, "Rue the day? Who talks like that?" :)
I really love the Jesus face palm :P
Christian zealots are so cute and illiterate when they are angry. When roasting for eternity I prefer to be basted with a sweet but tangy BBQ sauce. Yummmmm... Then zombie Christ will really enjoy eating me the way his followers ate him in Communion.
They really enjoy the idea of watching others get sent to hell, don't they.


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