No one knows exactly what the liberation of the people of Egypt means for the middle east or for the rest of the world. There are a myriad of outcomes that could play out. As Americans we should recognize the value in listening to the will of the people. But true to form, Glen Beck and the Fox news fear-mongers are educating their ranks that this is the beginning of the muslim Caliphate and reorganization of a new world order. They are telling the Tea-baggers to start storing away food (and I imagine this includes guns) as a safety measure - so that they will be ready when the U.S. gets taken over.

I find this to be extremely a way that surpasses the "We want our country back" cries, mainly because they are starting to incorporate religion as a tool to control the masses. Any thoughts about how this will play out with the election machine ramping up and the numerous other middle east uprisings?

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Unbelievable. I would not have believed it if I had not seen that.

Americans are lazy but I don't know that they will do nothing.  Beck has a daily viewership of something like 2.5 million - for many of whom this is the only detailing of the days' news.  He has cornered the market on the aging and stagnated portion of the population, people who don't access or understand technology and are already worried that the world is passing them by.  They turned out en mass just to vilify our first black president in protest after worthless protest. They are waiting, not for someone to tell them to think, but for someone who will tell them what to think. The aging baby-boomers, the boob-tube generation. These are also the religiously entrenched folks who have read the entire LEFT BEHIND series and would like nothing more than to have the rapture happen in their lifetime.  They want their moment of reality TV- which would ideally mean a chance to be armed and dangerous for the Lord.  They already believe that when the world falls into chaos there will be a second coming, so this is their chance to help make it happen. They just need someone to orchestrate it because churches are, by their very definition, organized.  It would be humerous if it wasn't so serious. 




I do not know what Beck has said on the matter, and am only going on what you have said here that he said, but if he is saying that this ouster of Mubarak may trigger a wave of similar government overthrows in the area, and that this could unite the region under more theocratic Muslim rulers who will seek to do as the Qu'ran commands them to do with regard to spreading Islam over all the world, then I agree that is a strong possibility.

It is possible, and I think it is more likely than not, that this ousting of the 'Friendly to the West' Hosni Mubarak will ultimately lead to a theological regime which is anything but friendly, and will likely be an antagonist to the West, as has happened in Iran after the earlier Revolution in that country. The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt will likely not want to put a theocrat in power immediately as this would be too much too soon for the people to swallow, but perhaps they will push for an easily manipulated figurehead like Mohamed Mustafa ElBaradei to occupy the seat until they replace him with an Islamic hardliner. A sort of ramping up process whereby the frog is cooked slowly & never notices the water heating up in the pot until he finds himself fully cooked. Egypt and the whole area is now in the pot, and the heat is being turned up on other rulers in the region.

You rail against and decry that possibility because it happens to be being said by people you don't like such as Beck, but it is a legitimate concern which is also being expressed by people you may like, so don't dismiss it out of hand.

Beck is a wingnut who says a lot of stupid things, but if someone says enough things on enough topics they just occasionally may, like the proverbial monkeys hitting keys at random on typewriters, actually say something of substance. (I know the mathmatical/logical critique of the monkey analogy so save your energy, I am just using it to illustrate a point, not support a thesis)

I think it is prudent to be weary of the Islamist threat to the modern world. We ignore it at our peril!

All this is True.

But never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

Here's some incredible irony over the fear of democracy...


Love this!
Simple minded assumptions and black and white results are all that the ADD sports enthralled culture in the U.S. can handle. So Beck is actually starting to loose some folks in this regard. His fanciful conspiracy theories are too arcane and byzantine for the simple minded to follow even with that wonderful chalk board.  Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes  may have to craft their way out of the fact that Beck has chased off most of his advertisers. Fox is a money making venture after all.   And another thing. Why are we the only humans in the world that are supposedly mature enough to handle democracy (we really aren't but that's another story). I think after 7000 years the Egyptian People deserve a go at it whatever the result.  Why also think that all Muslims think alike and all Arabs think alike and that all non Jewish cultures in the middle east wish to work in sychronicity . Those lands and those peoples are extremely diverse and really anything can happen.

I always forget about american paranoia :(

All I can say, what ever happens it will take time, and during this time we will all know what will hatch out of new Arab-egg.

"Those lands and those peoples are extremely diverse and really anything can happen." I tend to disagree with that statement. It seems to me that those lands, and those peoples are very similar in the ways that will count when they choose their new form of governance.

The predominant moving force in those areas is Islamic religiosity, as was evidenced by the cyclical surge in protest intensity after the Friday prayers. Islam is the similar thread which binds together those lands and those sheep like peoples, and it will likely be the Islamic sheppards of those sheep such as The Muslim Brotherhood who will manipulate, shape, and mold the now malleable chaos into a more theocratic system of governance after first appearing to be disinterested in doing so.

It is tactical at this stage for The Muslim Brotherhood to not be seen as pushing too hard for a hardline theocratic leadership, but rather to be seen as the nice guys who are just there to help organize and get things back on track for the country again. I suspect they will try to get a puppet such as El Baradei installed who will be seen by the majority as better than Mubarak, but who can be easily manipulated by The Muslim Brotherhood, and easily 'Removed' from the position at an opportune moment of The Muslim Brotherhoods choosing, which I have heard some predict to be inside of 24 months.

I would think that one major impediment to The Muslim Brotherhood doing as they please is the formidable Egyptian Army, so it will be necessary to neutralize the army by means other than military force, such as perhaps having the puppet leader change the laws, or change the military leadership to ones more agreeable to the aims of The Muslim Brotherhood.

It is more likely than not that it will be the Qu'ran which will bind those similar lands, and similar peoples together, and the teachings of the Qu'ran which may yet unite them in a singular purpose to flex their newfound power as a pan-islamic Caliphate to bend the rest of the world to the hegemonic will of the Nation of Islam.
The middle east is a powder keg waiting for someone to light the fuse. So many people feeling that the same piece of property is their God given right. The chances are that this so called holy ground will ignight the next holocaust are tremendous. All in the name of the Lord!


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