Once again:

  • Angry reactionary flag-wavers win back "their country"
  • Quick, righteous fix: Let's just "bomb the shit out of them"
  • USA becomes "great" again; fuck the rest of the world, and social progress
  • Torture's OK, because the bad guys do it; btw, we're never the bad guys... you just hate 'Merica
  • State-electoral politics usurps the nationwide popular vote

I don't think that last point is a democracy killer, as long as the loser in the electoral count only won the popular vote by a tiny percentage. It's a states rights thing, written in the constitution. It makes the electoral map look redder than its population in numbers at large, but only because thinly populated rural areas dominate USA land area. Again, the percentage discrepency is generally tiny.

I'd rather fix our real problem with gerrymandering that lets partisanism usurp fair representation of the population at the legislative district levels. It enables anti-pluralistic extremism to win the primaries, which is the kind of populism the authors of our constitution were trying to avoid in our general elections.

We can call the angry, reactionary electorate stupid, and fix blame on them for pure democracy's failure, or we can try to fix the ills we humans are naturally prone to suffering:

  • Tribal, in-group vs out-group, we're always good vs they're just evil emotionalism
  • Reactionary, short term "solutions" that do more harm than good in the long run; like "bombing the shit out of them" and destabilizing an entire country that's vulnerable to sectarianist predators
  • Profit-motive sensationalism and "reality" dramatization in media; feelings over facts
  • The conviction that we're entitled to economic domination in perpetuity, even while ignorant about other economies with rising productivity and lower classes clamoring for their meager piece of the pie
  • Sectarianism and intolerance of social freedoms, for the sake of local "security"

Don't just curse humanity, but help them to learn and understand.

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We the people brought it on ourselves. We will pay the price. Now we reap what we sow as we are in for a downward spiral. Let's be real.
We are a stupid nation. I hate being an American.
I followed the coverage of the election since the primaries. It is always so fascinating and the style between the obvious candidate who is unreasonably hated and the douchebag scum bucket who is unreasonably not despised enough...was exciting. I now pull back and won't read American news for the next four years. Its simply too stress inducing, sickening and lose-your-faith-in-humanity retching. Americans will suffer and as always...those who voted for him are likely to suffer the most. Listening to him is like listening to a sociopathic vicious preacher screaming hell and insulting black-atheist-homosexuals every 10 seconds. Can only watch that once a year. Very sorry folks (fellow American thinkatheisters) for the nightmare to come.

Noooooo, help, help, we're drowning... !

I've been stressed out since Florida lost... but I can't just give up and sink.

I've been crying on and off for most of the day. I want to be angry but that won't do any good.  I seriously didn't know if I could function today.  One of my patients today was a woman who just found out her illness is terminal - and she actually cheered ME up. I am sad to say I envied her for not needing to worry about the Republicans and Donald Trump very much. 

I know that all sounds rather morose but that is how I am feeling right now. You are right about not just giving up though. I gave up for today.  I cried, went to work, cried some more, and flopped down on the bed when I got home. I had some bacon  and some chocolate, and will very likely work up some more good endorphins later when my boyfriend is done milking the cows. And I won't be thinking about Donald Trump at all.  

Yeah, this has been a long day for me too, resigning to the inevitable erasure of good deeds and legacy of Obama whose been fighting against years of this negativity and other selfish forms of exclusionism. I'm tired of anger, blame and shame dominating discourse... and then winning.

I don't think they can erase all of Obama's legacy. Sure, they can repeal Obamacare, but health care reform has to continue.  It can't go back to how it was - it can only change into something else. Obama got it going.  Nobody can take out Osama Bin Laden again - that one belongs to Obama.  Obama has conducted himself with grace and dignity in a noxious pit of small minds who did not want him to succeed. He didn't get us into WWIII. 

I'm going to let the Republicans screw each other over now, not that I can stop it.  Until I can defect to another planet or species, we're stuck with the foibles of the stupid flesh-bags we humans are.  Have a lovely day!  : )

Well said. Especially for a mere Earthling, according to this one. :)

Thank you. I only burst into tears two times today! Progress!

Today is the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. A Republican President was keen to see it torn down.

It's not the end of the world......but it's the end of the world as we know it. I have no sympathy for our country whatsoever. We deserve what's coming to us because we did it to ourselves. The end result of this election came about as WE THE PEOPLE gave in to our values, gave up our integrity, and allowed the world to see how stupid we really are. The secret's out now. No hiding it from anyone. Our fisad has been shattered and our morals compromised. We are not a great nation and now the world knows it. We don't have to keep pretending. We can finally be honest with ourselves and say we did elect the best candidate to represent us. Donald Trump does represent who we have become as a nation. Let's stop living in denial of that. He stands for everything we think is important and his flaws are our flaws. HE is US. Yeah, reality's a bitch ain't it!


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