I am starting a new thread, because I do not want to be blamed as an alleged monster making fun of cripples and this accusation was getting out of the scope of the discussion about soulmates.  

I claim:  Every religious and other irrational belief and every behavior based upon such beliefs are so preposterous and ludicrous, that this justifies ridicule and making fun of it.   This is independent of who is afflicted with the irrationality and of the reasons to behave irrationally.   

This ridicule is principally justified by the irrationality.   Hurting the feelings of the misguided believers is not justified, so the ridiculing has to be restricted to be done in a way, that they do not know it.

I told about having been to Lourdes and discreetly having a good laughter about the weird spectacle of the irrational religious behaviors.    This does not imply laughing about the unfortunate and tragic situation of cripples and sick people.    They have my compassion and my sympathy.    

The evaluation of a person's situation and the evaluation of a person's method of coping with a situation are independent.   Compassion with a person's unfortunate situation does not require automatic respect for weird coping, no matter if the coping is the belief in a miracle at Lourdes or in homeopathy or any other woo-woo.   

The availability or lack of having a choice is the decisive difference:   Becoming sick and crippled is not a choice.   Making a fool of oneself by going to Lourdes is a choice.   It is this choice, that justifies the laughter.   

What about the Darwin award?   Are the people, who have invented it also monsters?   Does their laughing at weird ways of getting killed really preclude their having compassion with the dead persons and those grieving?   

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I didn't question your attention span specifically, but interesting to see that you're not very confident about it, there must be more to it then. Your fruitless attempts to communicate with Maruli left no doubt to that of course. Someone who supposedly reads this much should not be missing the point of 80% of everything he reads, unless by "reading" you mean skipping every other word.

I doubt there are many people who would waste their time with something like that. Yours must not be as precious, seeing as your other hobbies include writing for your own inane blog. You two might not be as different as you think.

Someone who flaunts with how smart he is, like you love to do in many of your posts, rarely is. I know you think you're part of this rarity, I'm not gonna burst your bubble. You're smart.

RE; "I didn't question your attention span specifically" - yes, you did.

RE: "You're smart." - That makes one of us, doesn't it?

Like I said here, I prefer not to mock people like you, have a nice day.

Now you're just trolling, because I know your reading comprehension can't be this low.

No, I am not trolling.

Is it ridiculing that which is ridiculous

This is clear and yes, I am ridiculing, what I consider as ridiculous.

or is the ridicule just part of its very nature?

This phrase puzzles me.   What is the 'its' referring to? 

thanks, now I am jumping to wrong conclusions too. 

In all fairness k, I didn't understand Doug's comment either, and English is my first language.

If something is so blatantly ridiculous isn't ridicule just one of its aspects, a part of its very nature?

Doug, I see it as relatively ignorant people, indoctrinated by religion, with an infirmity, of which they believe, desperately, due to that indoctrination, that they will be cured, via magical, miracle spring water. I cannot fault them, any more than I can fault anyone laboring under what we now have come to call, Stockholm Syndrome. I can pity them, but I can't bring myself to ridicule them - I would relinquish a part of my own humanity if I did.

I may understand now:

Some things are ridiculous and they invite or trigger therefore to be ridiculed.

But some things are so extremely ridiculous, that ridiculing them is a spontaneous and logical reaction and not ridiculing them a conscious act of self-control.  

Bingo!  Give that man a cigar!

Thanks Doug - there are those on this thread who would cut off my tobacco supply. I don't suppose you could make that a Cuban --


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