This is horribly sad event but the question must be ask: With the church doctrine that says suicide is an unredeemable sin, how do Christians deal with that fact?

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They paint such a glorious view of 'heaven' that unless they also banned suicide, I imagine every Christian ought to want to commit suicide to get there more quickly.  Then there's all that bullshit that says that a suicide cadaver must not be buried in 'hallowed ground".  At one stage, 'hallowed ground" was also refused as a burial site for babies who had died before being baptised.  These were considered to be in "Limbo" and not headed for 'heaven' but rather had to await the final 'judgement day'.  Can you imagine the distraught bereaved mothers having to deal with that too?

Well I don't think at a gut level they really DO believe it or they'd celebrate at funerals and being told you had a terminal illness would be cause for cartwheels down the hall.

Considering "the Lord," if he ever lived, is worm-food now, there's probably more truth to that than you realize --

I in no way think anyone deserves to lose a child. It is horrific.  I am just looking at the dilemma they must deal with as Christians.

Belle that is not true.  If you kill yourself it doesn't matter what you confessed to be, it is the only unforgivable sin.


There's no such thing as sin.

@Richmond - presumably it's unforgivable because once you are dead, it's a bit hard to get to a confessional.

Belle, there is an unforgivable sin. I don't know if you believe in god or not, but if you do not, you are hell bound according to the christian faith.

In the Catholic church suicide IS the unforgivable sin.

  Pastor Warren says he was aware of his son's depression.  That begs the question: did he pray for his son?  And if so, did God not think Warren deserving of having his prayers granted?  Not very cool of The Lord, considering how much money Rick has raised for him, and the spectacular cathedral he built for him.

   I have sympathy for anyone, including Rick Warren, who loses his child that way.  But I have no respect for him if he does not admit that God either abandoned him or doesn't exist.  My guess, though, is that he will rationalize this tragedy as God's wisdom. I despise any father who says that, because it implies his son deserved his fate.  

I noticed that the Warren family announcement talked about mental illness and getting the best medical treatment for their son but no mention of their god. If Warren's purpose driven life is part of his god's plan then why doesn't Warren thank his god for making Warren's son suffer terribly with mental illness causing so much anguish he killed himself? After all, in Warren's faith-based worldview, his son's suicide was part of his god's master plan for the Warren family. This is where Judeo-Christian belief spectacularly fails. 2000 years of Christian Apologetics still can't address the Problem of Evil and Suffering aka Theodicy. So I look forward to Pastor Warren publicly praising his loving god for killing Warren's mentally ill son unless he is a hypocrite. Hopefully this human tragedy will bring Warren to his senses and snap him out of his god delusion. It will be interesting to see how this plays out with the Warrens. 

I think there is no way on this earth that Warren will ever 'snap out' of his delusion, he is in WAY too deep.  If he is a snake oil entrepreneur then he will continue with business as usual, finding a way to milk every last cent out of the tragedy, if he is a 'true believer' his 'faith' will keep him believing.

I was wondering if the mental illness was hereditary and if embryonic research could help cure/eradicate the condition...


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