I have always wondered why this bill had to be bi-partisan. The republicans have rammed their bills through the house without so much as a by-your-leave.

This is something the people need. Apparently the plan costs too much. Well how about finally stopping those two awful wars for a start. That's a really nice big chunk of change right there. What was that war good for? Not for "The People". They get nothing out of it except dead and maimed soldiers and more people who will be sleeping under a bridge, because that is what America does with its broken heroes: kick them to the curb and leave them to rot in peace.

Start an illegal war: no problem. No amount of money is too much to kick out Saddam. Bail out the banks: sure. No amount of money is too much to assume the risk of investments that the American tax payer never asked for. Universal Health Care. Whoa there, cowboy! What are you, a socialist? Don't you know that's going to ruin the country!? Let's go to town halls with openly carried fire arms. Yeah!

America: the astounding art of making people consistently vote against their own best self-interest.

I wonder how the next generation is going to enjoy living in a third world country now that the age of American exceptionalism is drawing to a close.

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If anyone wants their own copy of this Bill, they can Google it and find a pdf version of it. The alleged Death Panel, under Title II--MEDICARE BENEFICIARY IMPROVEMENTS, Subtitle B, Section 1233 reads this way:

"Advance care planning consultation."

Pretty ominous, huh?
Very ominous; actually I think its the "end-of-life counseling" phrase that started the craze on 'death panels.'

I've got several mentions, replies, or debunks in the running info and link repository blogs I started.
And for real crazy, that end of life counseling that is being decried as 'death panels'? The Republicans were pushing it just a few years ago.
The government [already] requires hospitals to ask adult patients if they have a living will, or "advance directive." If the patient doesn't have one, and wants one, the hospital has to provide assistance. The mandate on hospitals was instituted during a Republican administration, in 1992, under President George H.W. Bush.
That's not even the worst of it. The person who started the whole uproar, Sarah Palin BACKED the exact same end-of-life counseling as Governor of Alaska.... BARELY MORE THAN A YEAR AGO!!! April 2008, to be exact. Her proclamation even used the SAME FUCKING LANGUAGE as the bill. Go ahead and read it yourself.
It's like we are in crazy opposite world or something.


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