I have read some of your articles on the internet. I wanted you to know that I am praying that God will take you to whatever means necessary to convict you of your lost condition without Him. I am praying that you will repent of your sin of unbelief and trust Jesus Christ as your savior.

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yeah -_- watever to this person who sent this....
This is the kinda stuff that makes me feel really creeped-out inside. Don't they realize this is what we call "brainwashing"? Does it not occur to them that someone other than God could've written this in order to control and manipulate? ARG!!!
Um.... Thanks? It would be a far better use of your time to go volunteer or something. Or even bake a pie or read a book.

... In fact, why don't you bake us a pie and send it on over! You could even put little crosses on it and stuff! Now that's MY kind of Christianity!
one mistake of "Way of the Master" is they do not realize OUR uniqueness. They do not understand that the Style of Speech that Jesus and Martin Luther used was to a particular group of people, not to everyone. Jesus spoke to Jews living under Roman occupation; Luther spoke to Bible starved German Catholics. You can not speak to us any way you wish if you are serious about our 'souls.'

Alienate us only to keep Christians in the pews.

To offend one of us is to throw a rock at one of His LOST SHEEP.
Pie Christianity beats Proselytizing Christianity 7 days a week.
so..... your god is going to take someone somewhere where hes gonna smite the heck out of him for not beliving in him.

yeah, thats gonna make us believe
It is my opinion that prayer is a waste of time. But if you insist on praying, then please, pray for the for the starving children your god has ignored. Don't waste your time on us.

While your at it, check this out. It is the reason I think prayer is a waste of time.

Jesus Christ was the savorer of my ass last night. That bitch couldn't get enough of it!
Heyyy!!! Did my mom write this?? I think my mom wrote this. Did my mom send this to you, Morgan? She must have. Oh, mom! You rascal!!! ;)
Ignoramuses... Is it the fact that they either CHOOSE stupidity, or it's not their fault and this is what they've been exposed to all their life?... I don't know...
Instead of praying, why not think? OR better yet DO something to help us poor lost souls by giving us the evidence of a god so that we can be saved instead of mindlessly attacking people who don't believe as you do?

This sort of vitriol is far more Christian than we would like to think!

Thanks I guess. I honestly would just settle for him showing up on my doorstep with a box of doughnuts and a list of reasons why he isn't a major jerk. You know kind of like a salesman, "here I am, this is my product!". That would work, until then I'm not holding my breath and you shouldn't waste your time praying, try doing something productive like I don't know feeding the hungry or something. That would be a much better use of your time.


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