Remember the Net Neutrality Rules the public wasn't allowed to view or vote on? You'll never guess why.

The 400 pages of rules for the "new" internet are out on PDF. 

Besides that unless you're a supporter of George Soros you ought to be pissed. He's mentioned 46 times in them. 

In fact pissed isn't the word.  You ought to be ready revolt and I mean get up and do something.

Here's an article 

Here's the PDF.

Here's the US Marxist who's been working on this since 2009. Robert McChesney

The activist group has big money behinds its effort. It has received $2.2 million in donations from progressive billionaire George Soros’ Open Society Foundations and $3.9 million from the Ford Foundation.

And one of Free Press’ co-founders, Robert McChesney, a communications professor at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign,has not been shy about his desire to see the internet regulated heavily.

But internet regulation appears to be only part of McChesney’s more radical agenda of completely revamping how the media operate in the U.S.

“In the end, there is no real answer but to remove brick by brick the capitalist system itself, rebuilding the entire society on socialist principles,” McChesney wrote in a 2009 essay.

It's 3:50 am and I just found this in my email from a very reliable, stable and moderate friend and don't have time now to go through it all. I'm giving you guys a chance to look through it and I'll get up to speed on this today.

I'll appreciate feedback.

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Ladies and are now entering...the twilight zone. Doo-dee-doo-doo doo-dee-doo-doo na-naaaa-na-na na-naaaaaa-na-na.

Sorry Virgil, what are we supposed to be pissed about? I missed your main point...I am ashamedly not up to speed with this issue as it stands presently...I too don't have time to read up on the issue, but can you just state your main point? Thanks....hope you're feeling better my friend, hugs :)

I've been busier than the only prostitute working a viagra convention for the past few days, ... weeks now that I think about it. I've not even had much time to stay up on news or email. The big gut punch this morning was opening an email from the wife of a former marine buddy dated nine days ago giving me information for attending his funeral after a car wreck the day before.  That set the mood for the day. 

I received the info I posted here at the same time this morning. My mind was already melting down.  I posted it here in hopes others would investigate it and shred it apart.  Now I'm glad no one wasted their time on it.  I've found out a great deal of it is pure political hype. 

... so now you can return to whatever you were doing. 

I'll be around as soon as I get a break ... Like Monday.  Spring break is over then. I spent my glorious senior year spring break making 48 hour round trips north and south hauling all sorts of plants for victims of spring fever. I'm headed out at midnight tonight to make my last run.

I hope everyone's been well.



 You're being played.The Daily caller, your link "exposing McChesney as a MARXIST" is a site so extremely right leaning that they make Glen Beck look like a moderate.

  I used the find function in the pdf viewer and searched for Soros ( no hits ), Soro (no hits), Verizon (464 hits), and Comcast (151hits). 

  Only 8 (p283-p290) of the 400 pages list in concise language, the rules  The final 16 pages contain a dissenting statement from Commissioner Micheal O'Reilly

   Corporate astroturfing campaigns often use this strategy.  Take just a smidge of truth (the document IS 400 pages) mix in heaping helpings of half truths and outright lies designed to anger the reader into action while manufacturing a false sense of extreme urgency along with fear, uncertainty and doubt.


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