Remember the creationist hypothesis about high pressure atmosphere leading to gigantic dinosaur sizes?

Remember the creationist hypothesis about high pressure atmosphere leading to gigantic dinosaur sizes? Well check this out: creation science at its best! Basically, this guy believes that dinosaurs and humans lived together and he wants to prove it by recreating what he thinks the early Earth's atmosphere was like, particularly, a far higher pressure than it is today (presumably due to the water/ice above the firmament or something), and growing his own dinosaurs.

Here's my favourite part:

And though he’s already got a working prototype, it’s yet to yield any results.

What makes you chuckle about this? I'm glad there's a creationist actually willing to test a hypothesis like this, yet troubled that he believes this strongly enough to actually follow through with it. Who knows, maybe in 2 or 3 years we will all be praising Jesus and riding our velociraptors to work!

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What WOULD be fascinating, would be be just ONE creationist with a valid point or idea.

There seems to be no shortage of whacko's and propagandists, and no one, at all, with a valid argument.

I wish there was a way to prevent the child abuse that is part of their misinformation campaigns. 

A law that made it a crime to teach children wrong information, and/or lies, would be a great start.

If done over the internet, perhaps wire fraud laws would apply?

I wish him all the best...does dinosaur really taste like chicken???

Probably...when they compared the DNA of a T Rex to modern critters, the chicken was the best match.

And, so far, almost every odd critter tastes the same, so, people know what a chicken tastes like, so, they all taste like chicken.


Crocodile tastes like chicken so, yes, dinosaur probably also tastes like chicken... or more accurately, chicken tastes like dinosaur, because it is.

Figures it's in Texas.

What's he going to do, raise lizards in that thing?

By the way, I don't think Michael Jackson benefited a lot from his hyperbaric chamber, but who knows, maybe it kept his nose from further shrinking.

yabba dabba do.


When "The Flintstones" is essentially your paleontology/archaeology resource, so you have cavemen and dino's together, etc...its hard to be taken seriously except by those wearing religious blinders.


AS a side bar, its also common in media to show a caveman chipping at a stone to make a wheel, whereas the wheel was a much later invention.



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