Here's a pro-LGBT baker who may be in trouble for refusing to put a...

Kind of turns that other discussion upside-down, doesn't it?

A lot of us argued then that when a baker hands out their shingle, they lose the right to turn down business.

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And if they are the only bakery in town, resourceful people will find a way, and all of the gays I've ever known have been resourceful. Perhaps they bake their own cake. And, seeing a market, perhaps they start a competitive bakery that ONLY takes orders from gays and people who dislike the policies of the bigot bakery. 

The marketplace has opened up for the Italians, Irish, and blacks. Gays coming out en masse is a relatively recent phenomenon compared to those struggles, but where there's money the capitalists will go. Sorry you don't understand that.

Many a business serves niches, even underfunded ones. 

And gays, on average, make more money than the average heterosexual. You didn't know that?

Your study didn't look more deeply into the question by not making an apples-to-apples comparison.

From Gay Money:

  • Gay males have more education than straight males, but they do not choose male-dominated professions as often as straight males do. In fact, they choose female-dominated and/or service professions much more often. Male-dominated professions (like construction) have generally higher wages than female-dominated professions (like secretarial).
  • Gay males work fewer hours than straight males. (source)

Gay people earn and save more, have less debt.

Gay people more financially secure.

where there's money the capitalists will go. Sorry you don't understand that.

Sorry you don't understand discrimination unseen. I suppose it's another one of those cases of you not particularly bothered that gays can't get a service everyone else can, or uninterested in the rights of gay people to get married...despite claiming to be close to and have lots of gay friends. I suppose that is counter balanced by your charming stero-type that gay people are resourceful and will figure out how to live with systemic discrimination. Wow. All you have to do is be cunning in the face of blatant full out prejudice and some how the invisible hand of the market will work everything out (despite the fact that people have to go to court to get the right to purchase goods and services). Forget legal battles or highlighting these problems with the media or giving a shit about anyone else’s human rights. The market will always work things out.

Yes...and God sent his only son to die for our sins.

Let me know when you're ready to get out there and make it easier for elderly people to fight for the rights of elderly people to get a lot of those jobs that seem to automatically go to young people. 

When I go out to eat, in most restaurants I find a disproportionate number of the servers are college age young adults, especially nubile coeds. It just doesn't look like it could possibly be coincidence. (And I assure you it's not that no elderly people would want such work.) Go to your local Apple store and try to find an employee over 60. Or even over 40. Coincidence?

But someone can't get a particular baker to bake a pro-gay cake, get on the phone to the prosecutor! 

Are you a little selective in terms of the discrimination you lose sleep over?

Where there's money, the capitalists will go. I think under most circumstances you'd agree with that.

And if no other capitalist wants to serve a market, there's a business opportunity. For gays.

People who want to make money will take money as long as it's legal (and often when it's not). 

If Chik-Fil-A, whose owner is opposed to gay marriage were to stop serving gays, that would just be a stupid business decision. KFC, which probably gets disproportional business from blacks as it is, would be happy to see an upsurge in gay business, too, I'm sure. 

BTW, to emphasize what I'm saying, I don't go to Chik-Fil-A specifically BECAUSE of its owner's bigoted attitude toward gays. If his interpretation of Christianity tells him that gay marriage is wrong, I give him his freedom of religion. I don't give him my money. 

Additionally, I see a difference between a big publicly-owned business and a small privately owned business. The Supremes have recognized that free speech encompasses expressive actions acting out personal beliefs. Certainly, violence against gays is wrong as well as illegal, but expressing dislike is or should be protected by the First Amendment, especially when all it amounts to is refusing to accept business.

I don't want the government sticking its nose into minor everyday interpersonal situations like this. 

So it seems you think I should have chosen another business for my hypothetical. Okay, let's make it some hypothetical business. 

Even so, you and I disagree, I'm sure, as to whether it's proper for the government to inject itself into such trivial transactions. 

Being unable to buy a cake isn't in the same league as being unable to buy real estate, for example.

A seat on a bus is kind of trivial. That's not the point. It's the principle that's being fought over, not the cake.

Kris, the principle is the same in all cases and there is no instance too trivial for the government to get involved? If baking a cake isn't too trivial, how about...

A lemonade stand that won't deal with gays?

Someone who does nails for her neighbors, accepts cash, but refuses to do the nails of her transsexual neighbor?

For me, at some level it becomes ridiculous overkill, but apparently not for you, right?

Unseen   I need 8 inch tall type to thank you for that OBVIOUS bit of wisdom.!!!!!

But still everyone is overlooking the unintended consequences of all this... and no one has even considered looking at the historical evidence for the likely unintended consequences of this... 

And they aren't pretty...  

After there's no hope for the fringe fundamentalists what will they resort to?  What have they resorted to in the past when social changes were (in their perceptions) forced upon them? 

Go look up the type of violence that came after other things in the last 60 years they initiated ...  Try to convince me there won't be bombings and shootings like there were after they lost the struggle against abortion and civil rights.

And it 's not like some of them aren't already saying they're prepared to go that far when all other options are gone for them.  

Listen to this  and hear Bryan Fischer talk about this issue in terms of "ballots or bullets." He's just one of many....


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