I am in the process of watching the movie right now, and so far I'm in love. However, I know it got mixed reviews all around. Have you seen the movie? What did you think??

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This movie really disappointed me. I hoped it would be a catchy and informative documentary about how absurd theism is... but it wasn't. It was funny, yes; but IMHO, it completely failed at being what I think he wanted it to be. At least according to what he said in his interviews leading up to the release.

It would have been better if Maher wasn't a complete douchebag to everyone who didn't agree with him.

He's too aggressive and, b/c he is a famous atheist, makes us all look like stuck up assholes who are full of ourselves.

He makes some great points in the film, but all of them will go completely unnoticed b/c of how he delivers them. The only one's that will listen to what he has to say are those who agree with him and that makes his work worthless.
I agree with Chiz that it won't be changing any theists minds about religion. However, I thought that some of the things the people he interviewed said were hilarious. If you look at the film as a comedy then you will enjoy it, but if you expect it to be a deep, in-depth documentary detailing all of the problems of religion then you will be let down.
I wasn't impressed.
Way more of a comedy than a documentary. I enjoyed it but I don't think it was really informative. I enjoyed the ending.
I absolutely adored it. Thought it was hilarious and found myself wanting to applaud during some parts of it.. I do wish Maher would have gone a little deeper, just for the sake of any religious people that may have been watching the movie, so they wouldn't have to complain about what an ass Maher was etc. etc... but overall, I really enjoyed this movie.
NOT impressed. Maher had a great opportunity to take a big strike at Theism, but he totally failed at this. The documentary was badly organized and a lot of the time it just showed him riding around in the car or setting up scenes for the documentary. It looked like it was made by a highschool student.

Maher has never been very effective at debating with theists or organizing an effective argument against theism, and this movie was no different. Some parts were funny and interesting, but most aspects of the movie were anti-climactic.

When he was talking with the people in the Truck-stop church, it was especially unimpressive. He could have more effectively learned about their beliefs and brought up contradictions in them or questioned them better, but instead he just stood on the pulpit preaching the "doctrine of 'i don't know'". This was quite dull.

The time spent in Israel could have been much more productive.

He seemed to have done a lot of research for the movie but most of it was left out of the movie it seems, like his interview with Dean Hammer discoverer of the "gay gene" and the "God Gene". He didn't even mention the "God Gene".

Overall rating: Boring, Anti-climatic, Disappointing.

The truth is that I've never really seen any good documentaries against theism done. Even Dawkins' documentary was fairly boring and he seemed awkward and looked like he was ready to kill Ted Haggard when he questioned Evolution.
I think it was more Haggard's self-worshiping arrogance and make-believe knowledge that pissed off Dawkins. It would have been nice to seem him get all "natural selection" on his ass, though. :P
Pretty good for some laughs, but everyone has said, it lacked any real debate or methods to get people thinkin'.
I liked his quote about getting into heaven being like the lotto. " You can't win if you don't play!" Ditto on how the movie was.
I liked it. It was a funny film, but as a serious, hitting documentary it came up short.
Just watched it. I thought the end was especially great. The call to action for each of us to "wake up" was right on target.

Religion MUST be marginalized. The true cost of blind faith MUST be tallied and the voices of reason MUST ring loudly.
I thought it was great. Yeah it was only scratching the surface and Bill can really come off as an asshole but I feel the arguments, however poorly debated, were laid out well enough for anyone to grasp. I dont look at the movie as a documentary at all, I look at it as more of a simple informative film about what is going on around us right now. This movie has no chance of swaying any theists or fundamentalists but I believe it may speak to those who are unsure, or consider themselves religious but have doubts.

Bill has a reputation and anyone who is familiar with him will have already chosen sides before even opening the case but like I stated before this is perfect for speaking to those people out there who dont know or who have doubt. Its light and funny enough to keep peoples attention and not too deep and involved to lose people who are not informed. This movie will speak to those people who will tell you when asked what they believe, "I havent really thought about it."


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