I just watched Religulous with Bill Maher and thought that I should start a forum and have everyone give their two bits worth. I believe with him completely as I know that everyone on this entire social network will and I want to put his concepts in to action as he says. The movie is about doubt and explaining that all religions are basically the same, but both him and I believe that the world would be a better place without religion. And If those of us that are above religion would stand up for our concept of reality we would have a tremendous impact. After all, 16% of our nation are atheists!

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I watched it the other night with some friends (while drunk, of course) I laughed my ass off. I think that it was PG version of what could have been done, though. It was like soft porn. So much more potential for hard hitting points.
Listen, I know that we, as atheists, that understand the fundamental flaws with religion and how to crack a theists argument apart, might have expected more from Religulous but I think it was a great movie, why? Because it was palatable, easily digested and disseminated by a large audience. If I were to make a movie on the subject I would do it just as he did, it was funny, he made good clear arguments and points without getting too deep (That is where you lose people) and he moved from one subject to another after making each look thoroughly ridiculous. It was perfect to a large audience. To you and I it may just be amusing because we already know what he is talking about but to someone who is on the fence when it comes to religion I think a movie like this would be eye opening. We need more movies like this and perhaps a few that are much more in debth to back them up.
Agreed. Nobody watches Bill Maher for deep insights anyway. That's like expecting Lewis Black or George Carlin to do non-inflammatory stand-up.

If it were serious and in-depth, 99% of the people that are still awake probably wouldn't "get it". People "get" light comedy.
My favorite quote is: 'Religion must die for mankind to live.' I agree. What a great movie. When you watch all of the people he interviews it looks like they are just making it up as they go along. Very funny movie. I think he should do a TV show based on the same thing. Just go around and ask these people questions. I would watch it.
My personal favorite quote from the movie was "Grow up or die" the line the movie ends with. Lol, classic.


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