I just watched Religulous with Bill Maher and thought that I should start a forum and have everyone give their two bits worth. I believe with him completely as I know that everyone on this entire social network will and I want to put his concepts in to action as he says. The movie is about doubt and explaining that all religions are basically the same, but both him and I believe that the world would be a better place without religion. And If those of us that are above religion would stand up for our concept of reality we would have a tremendous impact. After all, 16% of our nation are atheists!

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Firstly, it's called "Religulous" a mashup of religion and ridiculous.

Secondly, it is a great movie all atheists should watch and show to their friends.
I did think that the water metaphor WAS quite inventive.
I was quite impressed with that. It's still a load of crap, but well played Mr. Fake-jesus-guy.
I paid to see this at the movie theatre in Reno Nevada in October.

I loved this movie; thought Bill Maher was awesome; there were only about 10 or so people in the audience and we all clapped at the end.
I saw this movie on the big screen and probably could have waited for dvd. That said, the picture quality on the big screen wasn't great... and probably better viewed at home. Mahar is hilarious and probably one of the people that inspired me to "come out" as an atheist to family and friends. I wish there were more movies out there like this one.
I enjoyed this film as well. Didn't make all the points it could have. But still very welcome offering. I wanted to go see this on the big screen, but all the area theaters wouldn't show it. Got the DVD the day of release though. Well worth the wait and watched a few times already.
Just saw it last night, thought it was hilarious. I wouldn't say I learned anything from it, but still very entertaining.
Bill Maher isn't that good at arguing about religion.

Or animal rights/ wildlife.
Or the food industry.
Or the pharmacy industry.

Bill Maher could have done much better, but Religulous LOOKED LIKE IT WAS MADE BY A HIGHSCHOOL STUDENT.
The movie wasn't about an argument, but was about the establishment. In this case he was trying to establish doubt and trying to ensue some initiative of those that don't stand up for their beliefs (or lack there of). And the same goes for his show, it isn't about argument but about discussion, dialogue, and questions. It is those questions that have sent him to the top, not his ability to argue. Because as you said he is poor at argument.
His main goal in the movie was comedy. It looked like an informal comedy sketch. The whole thing. The discussions weren't very deep, he missed a lot of chances to discuss important things, etc.
I got this movie from netflix today. I won't be able to watch it til tomorrow and I can't wait!
The movie wasn't even released here, as far as I know. :(


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