My research has only begun, but I am NOT liking this General Sisi from Egypt.

It looks like the Muslim Brotherhood poses some threat to his military, and he is probably behind the rounding up of Egyptian atheists. Religion has been a particularly important factor in Egypt's recent political history:



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Oh, and Sisi may voted Egypt's president this spring.

the egyptian government requires  u to entitle a religion in ur card of identification .. not just any religion but one of three and only three (islam - christianity - judaism) .

they won't accept writing any word other than the three mentioned above .. they don't even accept u leaving it blank without specification.

Wow, I had no idea about the registration until very recently.

Marvel, it's hard for me to imagine what life in Egypt has been like for you.

As someone who was brought up Christian in a Jewish neighborhood, then moving to be the only Protestants in a Catholic neighborhood, I cannot begin to imagine what your experience with religion must has been like.

Can you tell me more?


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