Apparently secular people are not part of the community and thus are less neighborly, while religious people are more open community
who are they trying to kid??

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It seems that the main reason the religious make good neighbors is that they are joiners. They like community.
Religious people only like the community or either 2 reasons: (a) the community is the same religion as them or (b) the religious person wants the community to be the same religion.

Sectioning off and controlling in basic terms
enough said.
"On the one hand, religious Americans are somewhat less tolerant of free speech and dissent." "While, in general, Americans are quite tolerant, religious Americans are less tolerant than their secular neighbors. "


"Religious liberals are actually more likely to be community activists than are religious conservatives."

That makes sense. I can also understand why religious people would be more involved in their communities (though I'm not sure that makes for 'better' neighbors) They like to be around people who have the same interests - who doesn't?

"So, does religion help or harm our civic life? The answer is a little of both. Religion means less tolerance but more neighborliness. And the reason for that neighborliness is not found in what religions teach but in the communities they form."

I thought this was a very good article, actually.
I live next to a family of Jehovah's Witnesses, and I find them to be very good neighbors. I believe they find me to be a good neighbor as well.


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