A project called iHumans invited me to join them today.  But, it appears to be religious pseudoscience.  The author is a scientist, so he/she is either a dual scientist/religious crackpot, or this website has stolen the scientist's name.

I just wrote an article about this on my Science 2.0 blog if you want more info.

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The word "immortality" should have immediately tipped you off that it's religious pseudoscience and a scam, hands down, black and white, no 'appears to be' about it. Of course, the fact it's religious would have tipped me off even faster. :)
But that's in purely scientific context, so it's really irrelevant to the point. Discussing purely scientific methods to achieve at least some sort of longevity, and perhaps an ultimate goal of a kind of "immortality", is one thing. When you see "immortality" and any serious mention of religion, heaven, or god in the same context, it's obvious it's religious pseudoscience from the get-go. To me, the concept of immortality can't coexist with a heavy religious background without being total bullshit because it always lies on the premise that God is going to grant it-- and God doesn't exist.
Your not doing it right.

The Science of Good and Evil - Michael Shermer (just one of many)

There are bad/good people who do bad things. Killing 50 million people is not just provisionally bad it is objectively bad. The totality of human civilization is harmed in a meaningful way by the lose of diversity of thought and behavior.

Morality is not based on god, a belief in god or a belief in belief (Dennett). Morality is an evolutionary stable strategy (ESS)
I'm not entirely sure what relevance this has, since we were discussing religious immortality scams and not the matter of morality, but okay.


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