What are your thoughts on so-called "religious freedom" bills designed to discriminate against the LGBT community?

Example: http://www.cnn.com/2016/04/08/us/southern-states-religious-freedom-...

I am sure everyone here is appauled by it.

I wonder what the answer it? Are we headed into another civil rights movement? Do we REALLY have to go through that shit again?

Seriously: I think I am going to write a bill that says if you do openly discriminate against another human being you may not be a business owner and if you discriminate against another person by refusing service your ass will be imprisoned.

Is that too harsh?

OR like the therapist in the article asked, "What if we discriminated against heterosexual patients?"

Maybe I should propose a bill (as a parody) as a member of the FSM that my religious freedom says I have the right to defend myself against people who are a threat to modern society. And people who are bigots are a threat to safety. So bigots can be arrested and imprisoned to protect the public and ordered to take (and pass) a class on EQUALITY and educated on the science behind sexual orientation...


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"Because it says so in the Bible" is a terrible reason for doing anything. 

I think this problem will largely take care of itself both legally and economically. 

Many companies will decline to do business with or in discriminatory states, and that is undeniably 100% legal. Very few companies will go out of their way to locate or sell in such areas, Chik-Fil-A being the only one I can think of. And I can live without Chik-Fil-A.

I think it's sad but funny what some states are doing. Funny because at the very least, government agencies or employees that discriminate will most probably be ruled unconstitutional (unless, maybe, say, Cruz gets to submit a candidate for SCOTUS).

What I'm waiting for is for an atheist to run in a state that declares such a candidate ineligible to run! That would provide excellent entertainment, and probably some awesome stories as well.

Suppose some Bible-banging clerk refusing to let gay or pro-gay candidates to file to be on the ballot?


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