So here's a question. At my university, in the student cafeteria (the one that you have to go to if you live on residence) there is a halal grill. For those who don't know what that is (I didn't until about an hour ago) it's where they serve food that is acceptable to the Muslim code of conduct. They don't have a big muslim population (with the exception of the cooks) at the school and my question is, should I be offended by this? Is having something religious like this appropriate? They don't have a kosher grill, or anything for any other religions even. I'm not even sure how I feel about it, I just know I don't like it.
Does anyone think I should make a fuss about it or should I just ignore it?

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No point in bringing "All needs" to the conversation because it was precluded as a possibility in my previous post.  It was never considered as an option.

That said, I still disagree. It is still a top priority, but first priorities are to eliminate the possibility for widespread discontent, and to show a welcoming atmosphere for potential students of multiple demographics.

I think healthy food is very essential though, and I would put it immediately following and of high priority.  However it isn't really necessary.  You could get away with it and still have students pull fairly similar grades.  Lots of successful students eat terribly during their college years.  This is so much the case that jokes are made about college student meal concepts.  But I am seriously sick of widespread junk food, so I see your position here.

Though I am also interested in your reply to the other thread about morality.


I'm gonna have to agree with John on this one. I think you have your priorities out of whack. Besides, what would taking soda and fried food out of a caf actually do? I think a better solution would be to raise awareness about how to live a healthy lifestyle... But I'm getting off topic.

And they do have all the health concerns taken care of, good choices for vegans and people with allergies, etc... So I suppose adding religious food sort of makes sense in that respect but I strongly disagree with the halal method of slaughtering and so on

Bad food in... bad school results out. This has been amply demonstrated.

The first purpose of schools is to educate. Feeding kids bad food hampers education, resulting in contradiction of its very purpose.

Nah try it they make some good stuff. I think it's more of a style of food.

I believe you should be offended. Food is Halal when it has been killed by allowing the animal to bleed slowly to death. In the UK killing animals in this inhumane way is illegal unless you are Jewish or Muslim. It is a form of religious privilege. 

 I had a die-hard vegetarian friend as a roomate, and he showed me footage of calf slaughter, and I watched as calves were yanked against their will as they struggled in resistance to get away from the bloody room and then got that bolt shoved through their head.  It puts them out quicker, but either way is not much better in comparison. 

As for religious privilege, it is there because it would cause a riot if they tried to ban it.  The muslim and jewish population are under the delusion it is a necessity.  This changes the dynamics because while their beliefs are not real, the discontent is very real.

footage of calf slaughter, and I watched as calves were yanked against their will as they struggled in resistance to get away from the bloody room and then got that bolt shoved through their head.

That sounds like an old practice.  Many slaughter houses have adopted the methods prescribed by Dr. Temple Grandin which are far more humane.

Hey, thanks for the heads up, I'll look that up and learn more about it.  Do you have any good links? 

Scott, okay I went out and did some exploring.  Dr Grandin seems to have done a lot of work on this.

Dr. Grandin even found a method of reasonable euthanasia for halal slaughter.  Its really interesting stuff.  I would fully advocate this being the standard for halal.

She's amazing.  I first heard of her when she did an interview on NPR's Fresh Air.  Now there's a movie about her too.


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