So here's a question. At my university, in the student cafeteria (the one that you have to go to if you live on residence) there is a halal grill. For those who don't know what that is (I didn't until about an hour ago) it's where they serve food that is acceptable to the Muslim code of conduct. They don't have a big muslim population (with the exception of the cooks) at the school and my question is, should I be offended by this? Is having something religious like this appropriate? They don't have a kosher grill, or anything for any other religions even. I'm not even sure how I feel about it, I just know I don't like it.
Does anyone think I should make a fuss about it or should I just ignore it?

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I would view that as more of a cultural thing than a religious thing, and I doubt I would feel offended if I saw it at my school, I think its kind of cool to learn about different cultures and religions... Is the food good? What kind of food do they even serve? It makes me think of when I shop for pickles, I don't avoid the kosher ones because a Rabbi was involved rather I care about flavor and cost you know?

Well the foods not bad, it varies day to day, sometimes its a mysterious arab food and other times it's hot dogs. I'm cool with learning about new cultures, but it feels weird that they're catering to religious food needs like that

Here's why I think you should avoid Halal meat:

If we are goiong to eat meat the animals should be farmed and slaughtered as humanely as possible.  Halal meat does not achieve this.  Check out the video on the link above.

Holy crap, I never knew that! Thanks for the info.

We are all animals anyway, and animals are always treated badly before they are killed and eaten.

They aren't.  Each carnivorous animal (and some non-animals) kills by the means it has available.  Some methods of killing are brutal, while others are not.  Humans have greater means than any other species on the face of the planet to reduce suffering in the process of consumption.  We also have a very strong, conscious appreciation of what suffering is, and why it is undesirable.  This is an attribute that is most acutely and significantly developed in humans, which is why we use the word 'humane'.

But if you would like to dispense with that behavioural distinction, just be prepared to live in the world you are asking for.  If we are unsparing in our violence towards other species because we are animals and they are animals, and that is how animals treat animals, then so too should we be unsparing in our violence towards our fellow humans because we are all animals, and that is how animals treat animals.

Animals can feel pain. It's for the same reason we do, if we go near something painful, we realize it's bad news and leave it alone. How do you know we are the only species that are self aware? If you've ever owned a pet you'll know this to be untrue, they even exhibit emotions (happiness, sadness, boredom, etc...). I'm not sure how you're connecting this to the gay rights thing, though. I think your overall philosophy is fundamentally flawed

It seems as though you are using a similar argument that most conservative christians use when talking about gay rights. 

No, it doesn't.  I'm extending your reasoning to a logical conclusion.  If we are not compelled to show restraint in our treatment of animals because we are animals ourselves, then, by definition, we are not compelled to to show constraint in our treatment of ourselves.  It's not a slippery slope argument; it's a more even application of your justification.

Thank you, as a human and having essentially lucked out having the amazing abilities we do, I think it is our duty to respect other life forms. You put that very well Kris

Don't you think there is a basic morality here?  Although I agree with you that we are animals, we do differ from other animals in the use of our intelligence.  

I personally decry the needless cruelty toward animals, whether it be to a family pet or a cow about to be slaughtered and eaten.  There are less cruel ways to kill.

Just so long as their aren't any rituals being done.

The animals are being slaughtered in the name of Allah while facing a certain direction.

I attended a Navy course at a Royal Navy establishment in the south of England, which also had students from a couple of the smaller mid east navies.  They had their own (provided by their government) meal line, and we had a seperate refigerator where we kept Canadian items not available through the RN.  We swaped back and forth between us and the Arab sailors - I got to try some dishes which I enjoyed (and still do) and they got used to copius amounts of cows milk and ice cream.  No jharm, no foul.

LOL, very amusing comment at the end there Gordon. In the RAF when we were in the field the cooks, usually an RAF/Pongo/RN mix of personnel, would try to knock up any meal on special request but drew the line at cooking on separate ranges. The meals these guys cooked day and night under unbelievable circumstances never ceased to amaze me. To this day I like British service delicacies like Jam Roly-Poly, Hot Bakewell tart with custard, Cornflake & Golden Syrup cookies with chocolate custard, toad-n-the-hole......................

I am off to make my family Spotted-Dick for tonight. Ciao.



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