So here's a question. At my university, in the student cafeteria (the one that you have to go to if you live on residence) there is a halal grill. For those who don't know what that is (I didn't until about an hour ago) it's where they serve food that is acceptable to the Muslim code of conduct. They don't have a big muslim population (with the exception of the cooks) at the school and my question is, should I be offended by this? Is having something religious like this appropriate? They don't have a kosher grill, or anything for any other religions even. I'm not even sure how I feel about it, I just know I don't like it.
Does anyone think I should make a fuss about it or should I just ignore it?

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Most ethnic food is cultural, not religious. It's sad for those with such severe digestive disorders who can't sample the delights of the wild variety of cuisine available, but it sounds like your university has an awesome dinner program!

It's not like anyone is being forced to partake of the halal food it's just another option available. Food at my university was labeled halal, kosher, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free, low sodium, contains fish/shellfish and so on so that everyone knew exactly what they were eating and so could avoid the things they didn't want to eat. I think halal and kosher are stupid arbitrary rules but so are many other 'rules' people chose to follow with their food choices.

I know, can we come up with standard athiest food or something? :p

I like the idea.  Some ungodly dishes.  But I don't want dietary restrictions.

How about a bacon and shrimp sandwich with meat that has been killed humanely in the name of the godless and served with a cold beer? We can call it a haraam sandwich :p

I'm gonna petition for it to be served at my caf

Haha! I like it in concept, but I am not sure how my tastebuds feel about mixing the two of those.

Flying Spaghetti?

I'm a little offended but It's more me asking if I should try and do something. Thanks for the advice though

In my experience, Jewish diners are typically happy with food that meets Muslim standards - it's mostly about the 'no contact' with pork issue.  Sometimes it's mildly irritating to have Muslim/Jewish customers but I don't mind them at all compared to the jerks who lie about being allergic to stuff just to ensure their salad is as fresh as possible; vegans lie somewhere in between.

Great post Rocky John.

Evidence is crucial.  If we are going to eat meat lets slaughter in a way which minimises distress, pain and suffering.

If halal slaughter can be proven to be less distressing (for the animal) then it should be adopted.

It should be adopted because evidence supports it, not because it is a ritual.

There are other studies which conflict the study you cite.  Some reports (sorry unable to reference right now) suggest that conciousness remains for upto 30 seconds - especially if rapidly forming clots maintain a cerebral blood pressure after the cut.

Lets embrace an evidence-based approach to these issues.  If the evidence supports ritual then everyone is happy.  If the evidence conflicts with religion then religion must step aside..

I wish I had access to Halal every day.  I freaking love middle eastern food.

Halal doesn't mean it's middle eastern, it just means it's prepared (Slaughtered) in a particular way.  A McDonalds burger could be Halal and you wouldn't call that Middle Eastern! :)


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