I don't know if anyone has seen this already, but there's an artist called Al Farrow who has made some interesting piece of art: he's made some religious buildings out of weapons. When I saw it, I just wanted to share it with you all. See http://www.alfarrow.com/reliquaries/ for some great pics!

I think it's a nice metaphor. What are your thoughts about it?


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That's a pretty neat piece of art, and an uncompromising statement about the link between religion and violence.
The ammunition is all aimed at the sky. Were I the artist it would not be so.
So what would you do?
Anyway, I think the 'pointing at the sky' is merely done from a design point of view; it may be not a metaphor. I think the true metaphor lies in what Dave said.
I think it's an apt but obvious metaphor, but that the pieces are very aesthetically pleasing regardless.
I like it...
If only they made pews out of loaded guns and bayonets...
I think someone used the phrase 'a throne of bayonets' somewhere. But the metaphor is great. Give a man a cause to live for and he has a cause to diefor.


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