Of the major religions, which do you think has the highest proportion of violent adherents?

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Christianity and Islam.

1) Wahabi Islam

2) Sunni Islam 

3) Shia Islam

4) Hindism

5) Christianity


Can we lock the thread now and just keep secrets comment ?



Now I will go and lock and load, to protect myself from some guy wanting to behead me because I said islam was violent.

If you look back in time, Christianity is at least as violent.

Yep, at one time it was. But the societies of the west evolved to the point christianity was no longer allowed to dominate and impose itself on others.


In the middle east the societies are still at a level where they allow islam to dominate and force itself on people.


When people say chrtistianity was as bad as islam is, I pull out an MP3 player and start belting out "That was then, this is now."


EDIT: BTW, I'm no chrsitian either.

Christianity has the most adherents. A lot of people are still force-fed religion, even if you don't see it as violence, I see it as child abuse, manipulation, etc. Sure, ordinary christians don't feel the need to blow up buildings and kill as many 'infidels', but they do force their beliefs unto their children and unto others.


And how many atheists are elected in office in the United States? The answer to that question shows you how dominant christianity still is. They evolved too, you know, they have other ways to exert their dominance.


75-80% of the population of the United States is still christian. The other religions have no more than 1-2% each. That's dominance. And I bet that a lot of those christians aren't christians really by choice. That's forcing and imposing. So, how different is Christianity from Islam?


I just mentioned the United States, because that's where you're from, and you should know better than me how things are over there.


In my home country, Romania, which is supposed to be a secular state, 99% of the population is christian. In Italy 91-92% are christians.


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