Should parents be allowed to take children of medication, because they prayed for the childs condition in church and believe that God will heal him. I had a client telling me that she took her son with ADHD, Tics and Tourettes and OCD of his meds because they prayed for him. 

These children have a neurological condition and is genetically predisposed to this condition. They have a hard time at school because of their dissability, and this results in low selfesteem, depression and anxiety. This child only started to ajust, make friends and fit in to now be back to square one because of his mothers believes. This I consider to be child abuse. To me it is no different than taking a childs spectacles away that he nedds to function normally and then giving him carrots to eat instead. Should there be laws protecting children from this kind of abuse? should one be able to report this form of abuse? Or should the parents religious rights be protected.

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As an Atheist I don't have a religion that needs to be protected, I belief children must be protected. Goverments have double standards, if what I have been told is true. If I blow up a building and kill say a thousand people in America because of my religion I will find my ass in jail or death row depending what state I live in, but if I as an American abuse or even let my child die in the name of my religion, that is above the law? If so that is just sick. This is why the goverment and religion should not mix. We all shout out in outrage over a girl child in India beaten to death and point the finger at their religion, when letting a child die a slow death of something treatable as diabetes is ok because of the parents religion.


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