Should parents be allowed to take children of medication, because they prayed for the childs condition in church and believe that God will heal him. I had a client telling me that she took her son with ADHD, Tics and Tourettes and OCD of his meds because they prayed for him. 

These children have a neurological condition and is genetically predisposed to this condition. They have a hard time at school because of their dissability, and this results in low selfesteem, depression and anxiety. This child only started to ajust, make friends and fit in to now be back to square one because of his mothers believes. This I consider to be child abuse. To me it is no different than taking a childs spectacles away that he nedds to function normally and then giving him carrots to eat instead. Should there be laws protecting children from this kind of abuse? should one be able to report this form of abuse? Or should the parents religious rights be protected.

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Child abuse in the name of religion, is still child abuse.

And the majority may view raising a child in an atheist home a kind of abuse. I think we need to stay away from this one for fear of a boomerang effect.

I will gladly abuse my children with the freedom of an education. What I teach them might be viewed as abuse. Always question life, question people, question the goverment, educate, research, think and make an educated desision. If they do this they can not be indoctronated or manipulated by people. I teach them a belief is not always the truth, and if the majority say so it still does not make it the truth.  there is bibles in our home and they have the freedom to read them, go to church and like my daughter belong to a youth group. They also have the choise to read Dawkins or Darwin.

Faint heart ne'er won fair maid.

I think this an important thing to discuss because at what level does it become child abuse? Take, for example, a child who has a cut and their parents pray for it to heal so they don't put a bandaid on it. Then a week or two later it is healed. Ask yourself if that is child abuse, then ask the same question of the case you are talking about. Personally I would say that what you mention is absolutely child abuse and the parents must bring some sort of proof that God is helping the boy in order to be justified. This is something that I think will go from clear to muddy in the hands of the government, so it is a difficult question to answer if it should be reported. I think as a last resort it should be reported to the proper authorities.
Hope this helped you!

No way of reporting this as they have freedom of religion and in my country we have a long way to go for people to understand that mental dissabilities are real dissabilities. 

Hey Jorita,
I get facial tics and have mild ocd. It gets annoying when I'm stressed out and just makes everything that much more frustrating. I'm still learning about OCD. It's interesting to gain insight into yourself...things that don't make sense without that diagnosis. I think I have it pretty well under control, so take that OCD! I've been having small facial tics all this week though, so that's telling...I need to chill out I guess.

I know people with adhd and tourettes. I would never consider these conditions as anything less than legitimate. Just trying to get the person with adhd to calm down and listen to's a major accomplishment for him.

Tell you son about this guy I went to high school with. His tourettes was really interfering with his life, so they held a school meeting where everyone learned about the condition to prevent bullying. The guy was always in the in-crowd, so it definately worked. A decade later and I face-book stalked him, just to see what he was up to because he had a giant crush on me, and the guy is working as a promoter for a really hot club. College graduate and everything. I expect him to go places. People can be understanding of Tourettes and it doesn't have to hold you back. Just thought a positive story would be nice since it sounds like your son is still struggling

Tank you for your message. We continue with therapy and that helps a lot, The fact that he understands his condition also helps, we talk about it openly.  He will come to me if there is a new tick or OCD simptom and tell me about it and we will work on a plan of action together. He has a weight issue and if you look at my photos I loaded he is a gorgeos blond boy. But we do understand that this is because of poor self image. We take each problem at a time and work on through it with Cognitive behavioural therapy, changing negative thought into possitive. Breathing exercises helps to calm him when he is stressed. My stepson has a breathing tick at the moment so he holds his breath not easy to get him to breath through that. Yes people are un educated but I know that in a loving family with the right suport these children go far. I got them both to join groups on facebook so that they don't feel alone. They have now met other young children with the same problems and are able to here ther positive stories. Thank you youtube because we found a lot of positive young people their telling their story. I will let Jacques read your post.

That is the problem why should religion get special treatment, Why is it the one thing that we are not alooow to question.  The religious can question our values but please let not question theirs, lets give them special treatment.  I found the book a client gave me and read through it again, and am as disgusted as I was after I read it the first time. This doctor gives instructions on how to spank your child. On page 272 he tels the parent not to use their hand as it is an instrument of love, but to use a belt., he also goes to say that punishment must hurt then "without inflicting pain we shall not drive the folly from his heart (see Prov.22:15)" direct quote from his book. this is a book written to help parents with children with ADHD ect. He attacks Darwin and calls all psychologists Atheist. In an ignorant parents hands this book is poison and to promote this book to christians even more dangerous. Mental and emotional abuse is also abuse and I feel so strong about this. The fact that goverments all over the world allow this because religion gets special treatment is sick. They have a double standard as a goverment they will persecute "terror organisations that act in the name of their religion" why because people die in masses when they act but the ideviduals that die because of religion lets protect those indeviduals rights to practise their religion > It does not make sense 

Put simply, it is lawful for parents living in most of the United States to abuse and neglect their children, quite literally to death, provided they do it religiously. But I don't think that's the way it ought to be. I think a parent who lets a child die of diabetes or gangrene belongs in prison, not church. But that's not the way it is. Child sacrifice is the law of the land in most of the United States.

I guess you have to decide: what's more important to us, the freedom of religion that protects us as well as snake handlers, or setting it aside because children are involved. I've quoted Bill Maher elsewhere: "When they come to take your rights away, they'll say they're doing it because of the children."

And all at the expense of providing an argument for taking the freedom of raising a child in an atheist environment that, maybe it won't kill them, but may send them to HELL!

If it comes down to a choice, what's really more important to atheism, protecting freedom of religion or protecting children? Taking the long view, which is really going to protect children more?


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