Should parents be allowed to take children of medication, because they prayed for the childs condition in church and believe that God will heal him. I had a client telling me that she took her son with ADHD, Tics and Tourettes and OCD of his meds because they prayed for him. 

These children have a neurological condition and is genetically predisposed to this condition. They have a hard time at school because of their dissability, and this results in low selfesteem, depression and anxiety. This child only started to ajust, make friends and fit in to now be back to square one because of his mothers believes. This I consider to be child abuse. To me it is no different than taking a childs spectacles away that he nedds to function normally and then giving him carrots to eat instead. Should there be laws protecting children from this kind of abuse? should one be able to report this form of abuse? Or should the parents religious rights be protected.

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Should parents be allowed to take children of medication

Why shouldn't they be, let them. So when their little choir boys start pushing daisies they might realize that praying and bleeding them with leeches might not be as effective as seeing a doctor.

To me, what's much worse is when they pray AND apply medicine. Because then they credit the work of the medicine to their prayer, which only solidifies and propagates their delusions.

A lot of these conditions are genetic and for me to pray that god heals your child from such a condition makes as much sense as to pray and ask for a different eye colour. The sad fact is that children with this kind of dissability that goes untreatet, is a higher suicide risk because of depressoin, better chance of becoming a drug adict or criminal. I have two children at home with ADHD, Tics and Tourettes and OCD we have Bipolar and Aspers in our family so in our family the genetic link is very strong. I had a christian tell me that I must bring my child to church so that they can pray for him as they do not believe in genetic conditions and that my son is demon posessed. I think these people have moer of a mental dissability than my child !

It really pisses me off that these stupid people believe demons posses the mentally ill/disabled.  It's so regressive and obviously based on ignorance about mental health...I mean would these people claim there is a demon of ingrown toe nails, whopping cough, or diabetes?  No.

 Child abuse might be if they were denying life saving medication or procedures like blood transfusions.

A lot of children in families live with the conditions that you mention and they do cope very well. A change in diet can make a huge difference. I personally would be very reluctant to medicate a child with ADD symptoms.

Sometimes I think that kids are overly medicated.  




All children have the right to what follows, no matter what their race, colour sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, or where they were born or who they were born to.


You have the special right to grow up and to develop physically and spiritually in a healthy and normal way, free and with dignity.


You have a right to a name and to be a member of a country.


You have a right to special care and protection and to good food, housing and medical services.


You have the right to special care if handicapped in any way.


You have the right to love and understanding, preferably from parents and family, but from the government where these cannot help.


You have the right to go to school for free, to play, and to have an equal chance to develop yourself and to learn to be responsible and useful.

Your parents have special responsibilities for your education and guidance.


You have the right always to be among the first to get help.


You have the right to be protected against cruel acts or exploitation, e.g. you shall not be obliged to do work which hinders your development both physically and mentally.

You should not work before a minimum age and never when that would hinder your health, and your moral and physical development.


You should be taught peace, understanding, tolerance and friendship among all people.


I do agree that there is some children that cope with ADD, but not all children do and they do not always have ADD alone. Because this is a mental dissability and we can not see it, we tend to think it is less of a dissability and that we do not have to treat it. And this is one of many conditions where people tend to jump to conclusions before having researched it. Emotional abuse is also abuse , and if long term damage caused by not medicating is depression, suicide, criminal behaviour ect then you as a parent is doing serious damage. To me it is the same as withholding a hearing aid from a child that needs one, and then preventing the child from developing a form of speach and communication because you believe god will heal his birth defect.

Good points but there is the other side of the same coin. Most of these medications have side effects like depression, insomnia, suicidal thoughts or tendencies, mood swings and a whole host of others. Should a doctor that puts a child on these drugs be held for the side effects? If not, why parents but not docs? I don't believe god and prayer should be their reason but maybe they don't like the reasons I give for  it being a parents choice or yours for thinking it shouldn't be their choice at all and that somehow the medical community and the government know better. I tend to think the people that see the child day in and day out know best what effect the child is having.

Sometimes I think that kids are overly medicated.

No shit. Don't you ever mention this near a parent though, they'll ravage your ass and nag you to death about how their kid has every pseudo-condition known to man. Kid not doing well in school? They'll throw down every medication they get down the kids hatch in hopes of fixing it. Everything but admitting their kid may either be bored of school, or just an imbecile.

That's just as much abuse. Then again replacing that with prayer is still worse.

Hi k0rsan ... your funny

Are you in the US?

Im in Australia and we are like the hick town of the Western World. 

 We are little behind in the kiddy med business.

But dont worry, we catch on fast.


I'm in Turkey, actually. Kids usually don't have the luxury of blaming failure on some condition here.


You still live with all that shame and stigma over there dont you.

I am from a similar background but born here so Im familiar with that goat herder mentality.


I don't think it's a stigma, though I'm not sure, it could be partly. The fact just is that if you went out in the street and asked people what ADHD or Tourettes is, they would have no clue, because they never heard of it. Parents here don't run to a psychiatrist when their kids do bad in school so she can pull some disorder out of her ass and force a pile of medication on a kid who's just being a fucking kid.

I don't think too many countries do that, but in America at least it seems to be a trend. Everyone's a hypochondriac nowadays anyway, chucking pills and calling in sick because they got a runny nose. It carries over into their parenting too.

Not to mention parents have such high expectations of their dumb little kids nowadays, no wonder they think he's retarded if he fails to meet those olympic traits he's expected to present.

Every parent nowadays seems to expect his little snotnose to be the next prodigy.

Just the other day I was sitting and had to listen to a woman who was talking about how she got her 1 year old boy an "award-winning toy for the development of toddlers" or some shit like that. Award winning toy?

Just give him some duplos, balls and cubes or something for fucks sake.

I have two children with ADHD, Tics and Tourettes and OCD, It took along time for me to get to the point of medicating. I tried a lot of the alternative medications and my son ran around with a blue mouth at one stage of algie tablets. When "Ritalin" was mentioned for the first time I jumped on the internet and decide NO not my child. I did so much damage! I then began to educating myself after at age 9 my sons depression got so bad that he wanted to take his own life. The emotional abuse he suffered before medication was horrific, he was made to stand infront of the class for a full day and pul faces a mirror the teacher gave him, because one girl complained that he was pulling faces at her. This was a teacher who had two psychology reports on his condition. Once on medication my son could get his work done for the day and not just right the date, he could write sentences with spacing between words, and use punctuation marks, before that he would write a book in one word. Understanding what happens in the brain of a child with this and what the function is of the medication in stabelising the dopamin levels that these children don't have enough of, because of the transporter protein that they have to much of is vital. All medication have side effects even cold medication. My son has a above average IQ but I have made peace with the fact that he might never reach his full potential, my life would be dull without him in my life. He is 19 ans is still batling with depression , not because of the medication but the way he has been treated by people, who critisise him for medicating, who make fun of his facial or vocal ticks and that makes him tic even more when he is anxious or depressed. My biggest regret is that I did not listen to the educated people from the word go and chose to listen to people that had no scientific education on ADHD or any other conditios. In educating myself I have become so aware of what science has done for society. Chemo therapy is also bad but in the long run does good and I am sure that you will have people out there condeming people that do have chemo therapy, 


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