So two of my ex-girlfriends and my current girlfriend are all religious and have one point or another sat me down on a couch and asked me, "You don't belive in Jesus do you." In my head Im resisting the urge to laugh and say, "no fucking way," but out of respect i restrained myself and explained calmly that i am atheist and no i do not believe in Jesus. Well i hope you can all see where this discussion went. To the point however i would like to ask you guys if any of you have had this predicament and how did you deal with it. I do love my girlfriend very much but she is highly religious and has no intention of allowing me to stay "ignorant of her lord and savior."    What do mentlegen?


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You can't convert or pretend-convert, so you got only one choice - you gotta talk to her about it & make her see your point of view.

If she could see his point of view, she wouldn't be religious.

Not really. There are inter religion relationships & in those, one person doesn't always convert to the religion of the other. Sometimes they keep their religious beliefs & relationship separate.

There is a difference between understanding someones point of view & believing in or agreeing with it.

Having had relationships with Christians, Jews, spiritualists, and non-believers, I have found it always worked out best to explain your POV and see where that takes you.  My habit of cracking jokes about Jesus or Moses has rarely got me very far.  But, even if you love this person, and you want to marry or have kids with them, what happens when they want a Christian wedding or to take your kids to church?  This very point ended my longest relationship because I wouldn't automatically let any child I had try church first rather than not be forced into religion.  (Sorry for the long and rambling answer.)

I am married to a reasonably devout Catholic who is at this moment off on some religious retreat north of Toronto.  It has caused some considerable tension from time to time.  If you want to know how this came about, at the time we were married she was not at all active, (never even went to church) and basically considered herself excommunicated due to her personal circumstances.  As she became more active in her previous religion under the influence of friends, I have been finding my own friends and am now active in a local atheist group. 


man... no offense, but I don't think I could ever involve myself with someone that blindly religious in the first place.

Tell her that Timothy 2:12, Corinthians 14:34, and Titus 2:5 all seem to say that a woman should submit to a man and that she should never speak out of turn, much less to try to teach him about God. Then ask her if she's a real Christian.

ohh, nice thinking.


Yeah, sometimes you gotta temper your integrity with a little compassion. It's just hard to know where to draw the line. I know what you mean because I've liked this Christian girl for some time now and have to quell the urge to question her beliefs regularly. Which is a complete compromise of my integrity, but... I guess that's the trade-off. It boils down to what's more important to you, your personal values or her love and affection.

Find another girlfriend.

yeah, if you think this is a bad speedbump in your relationship, imagine what will happen if and when you have kids.  don't you think she will want your children to be indoctrinated into the faith?  do you think you could ever convince her to raise your children to be critical thinkers and not be afraid of the skybully?


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