I mean, are you Reg the Fronkey (adjective) Farmer, a farmer characterized by fronkiness? 

Or do you farm fronkeys (presumably a cross between a frog and a monkey)?

Or is there another explanation?

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Or is he Outstanding standing out in his field?

Remember when this all used to be fields?

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, of course. (Now there's a construction which will be challenging to most people for whom English isn't their first language, as well as for many for whom it is.)

The ones I keep as pets think I am an outstanding farmer when I am outside standing in my own field where I am outstanding in the field of “Evolution gone mad”. I am so outstanding that I have no peers and therefore my work does not need to be peer-reviewed. Live my Children, Live!!

My fronkeys enjoy a full life in the open air and any money raised from the sale of their meat will be used to rescue animals kept in cramped conditions in wooden ships. Hopefully I will be winning a contract to supply “Frony”, the fillet of fronkey meat to the Big Ham. Any leftovers can be made into “presupposition soup” and has a shelf life of about 2K years. All tax-free of course.

Now I must go and calm them down because they overheard me talking about how the new leader of the KKK has an illegitimate Muslim daughter.

oh my non-existant gods, i really needed this lol


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