I mean, are you Reg the Fronkey (adjective) Farmer, a farmer characterized by fronkiness? 

Or do you farm fronkeys (presumably a cross between a frog and a monkey)?

Or is there another explanation?

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First the evidence:

About 10 years ago I was involved in a debate about Evolution over a few weeks with a Christian cult called something like “The Way Ministry”. Some of the most deluded bunch of Speaking in Tongues Christians I have ever debated. Their ringleader loved to tell me about how he was once an Atheist and had put all his faith into being one.


They had all the usual misconceptions about Evolution. Think of Ken Ham from the Creation Museum or Answers-in-Genesis and you get the picture. They asked me why we don’t see half-man/half-ape species or “crocoducks” etc. Their lack of understanding of even the basics of science was so bad that it was not even funny. Then I got the usual about how Scientists can’t be trusted because they are always changing their minds or trying to alter the perfection of nature that their God created.


I knew I was wasting my time debating them. I often manage to get through to them if they are in pairs but there were six of them. Never debate Science with fundamentalists. Stick to matters of belief and faith.


 So, in order to end the debate I made up a story about how some crazy mad Scientist had successfully genetically engineered a male and female “Fronkey” in a secret laboratory in the west of Ireland by crossing the DNA of a donkey and a frog. He then forced them to copulate and a few dozen were produced. His plan was to sell the legs to the French and make a fortune because they would be huge compared to ordinary frogs. They could also feed on grass like cattle so they would grow very quickly. The Christians seemed stunned at this news.

One night during a severe storm they escaped from their poorly fenced off field. There was complete panic in case they were now in the wild and could possibly start breeding with other species of either amphibians or horsey type species.  They all agreed it could turn into a case of “Evolution gone mad”. I made my excuses and left.

I then formed my own group called “The Way out Ministry” dedicated to the rescuing Fronkey’s and now I make my living from selling their meat to Christian groups. I am the only farmer in the world doing this and therefore I am outstanding in my own field. I used to be an Atheist, now I am a farmer Atheist.

So any time I hear people tell me they don’t believe in Evolution I tell them about the Fronkey Farm. If they tell me they are former Atheists I tell them I am a farmer Atheist !!

More than I expected, but it was fun.

Great story and fun too


Great story. Fantastic fronkey too, the artist has mad Photoshop skills.

Sorry Marc, but that picture is the real deal. The existence of the Fronkey is exactly the same as the existence of any god. My life would be held together by a complete delusion if they did not exist. Once you open up your heart to the possibilities of their existence and embrace them you will understand.

And this is a great compliment indeed, coming from Marc Poulin, a graphic artist extraordinerre!

Marc, I need to take this opportunity to apologize for "un-friending" you on FaceBook - you have so damned many friends, that many times per day, FaceBook was notifying me that this or that friend of yours was a member, and asking if I wanted to "friend" them as well. Please believe me, it was nothing personal, it was self-preservation!

Where have you been? He explained that fully nearly two years ago!

Indeed Arch, and Marc’s artistic skills being the inspiration for my tattoo….

Why yes, I am, thank you very much! Oh, you meant Reg --

Some people may be too young to catch that musical reference.


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