Imagine you run a commercial photography studio.  The following scenario arises:  


A potential client calls; it's the 'Holy Church of God is More Colourful than a Baboon's Arse' (not a real church, just in case you were wondering).  This church wants some promotional shots of the congregation.  You end the call saying you will provide a quote (as normal), and then quickly google the church to get a sense of their needs.  My search turns up that this church is strongly homophobic.  Wetboro Baptist Church level homophobic (you can swap that out with anything comparable that you find abhorrent if gay rights ain't your thing)


The question: placed in such a situation, would you refuse to provide service?

[edited this post to make it clear that I'm not looking for what I should do; I'm looking for what other people would do in this situation, or a similar scenario].

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remember, an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind *wink*
I would keep everything above board. Submit your quote, let them know that - as an ethical business owner - you do not discriminate based on religion, sexual orientation, et al. Tell them that ANY work you carried out for them would be of the highest professional standard.

In addition, though, tell them that your personal views on (in this example) homosexuality are strongly opposed to theirs. Even though this will not affect your work in any way, you feel it is important to state this so that they can decide if this will present a conflict of interest.

Everything is out in the open, you have made your views known, there is no discrimination involved on your part, and the ball is their ethical court.
I'm going to agree with Matt. Do the job, make sure they know you're views and let it up to them if they will or will not come back. Seems like that is the right thing to do.
Honestly I would give a quote but give them the silent treatment. And if they press me I would say, "I just have a full load those dates."
So long as you provide a disclaimer that the owner can decline service for any reason you should be fine. Normally I would say take their money, but if they are so ethically vile that you would consider not doing the shots you are probably better off just not doing them.
In the US store owners can refuse service to anyone. Discrimination laws don't prevent us from refusing to work for dickheads. I would never promote an anti-gay group any more than I would promote the KKK. It's an easy yes, refuse service, in my mind.
Did you know that if you have fewer than 15 employee's you can discriminate who you hire? Perfectly legal.
As a successful business owner, you need to be INCLUSIVE, not confrontational. Why get into business if profit isn't your primary motive? If you were running a charity or other non-profit business, then I can understand. Otherwise, unless your business is harmed by a person or group, you're chasing away valuable customers by confronting them.

Should ethics dominate all facets of life (including business)? That depends on what you hope to achieve. We're humans . . . not saints. Idealism versus realism. Which is better?
It comes down, I think, to where an individual wishes to draw the line. That line will probably be different for different people.

How much are you prepared to put up with in order to make a profit? I know I definitely have my limits.
Get the money up front and recruit your most flaming gay friend as your personal assistant that day.

Bahahaha! Great idea!

Well, I would just quote them a MUCH higher than normal rate. That way if they accept your quote, you at least paid for your silent contempt. If they refuse, meh.


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